The Batman takes bat breather, COVID halts production

Ethan Glick, Staff Writer

The 2021 production of The Batman was temporarily shut down on Sept. 3 after the film’s star, Robert Pattinson, tested positive for COVID-19, a source close to the actor told Variety

The Batman is the first movie starring Robert Pattinson’s portrayal of The Dark Knight. In it, Batman is pitted against Edward Nigma, AKA The Riddler. 

Although no new filming was being done, sets are still being built and scenes that have already been filmed are currently being worked on in post-production. Anyone that was in close proximity to Pattinson was also quarantined. Then, on Sept. 17, Pattinson was cleared, and the film resumed production exactly two weeks after it halted.

“Following a hiatus for COVID 19 quarantine precautions, filming has now resumed on ‘The Batman’ in the U.K.,” a spokesperson for Warner Bros. Pictures told Variety.

Pattinson testing positive was a high profile example of the dangers of creating any kind of production during a global pandemic. The coronavirus has continuously delayed and threatened the entire film and stage industry since the virus was declared a worldwide pandemic on March 11.

 The Batman is just one example of the effects the virus has had on the entertainment industry. Many major films and television shows have been delayed; for example, Marvel’s Black Widow has been delayed three times as of Sept. 23, and the CW’s Flash, Riverdale and Supergirl’s new season have all been delayed, as well as the release of CW’s upcoming TV show, Superman and Lois.