American journalist Sid Hartman passes, legend lives on

Evan Frazier, Sports Editor

Sid Hartman, the Minneapolis-based sports journalist, passed away on Oct. 18 from natural causes. He was most known for his outstanding, old-school coverage that many people looked forward to reading. Hartman was a top journalist in Minnesota, not just covering there, but all across the country. He had an impact on everyone around him: his family, his readers and athletes.

Before his death, Hartman had just finished up his article about star wide-receiver Adam Thielen of the Minnesota Vikings. 

“Hartman was a very straight-forward type of dude. He even called me Genius!” Hall- of-Famer Randy Moss said.  

Hundreds of athletes paid tribute to Hartman during his Livestream Ceremony. Some athletes in attendance included big names from the Minnesota Timberwolves and Minnesota Vikings, Randy Moss and Karl Anthony-Towns. 

An interesting fact about Hartman that most people don’t know is that he was one of the founders of the Los Angeles Lakers. He helped found the team in his early years as a journalist. The team was originally the Minnesota Lakers until it was relocated to Los Angeles; they then won 17 championships as of 2020.

Sid Hartman’s legacy will always live on because of his amazing talent and journalism. He had a way with words in his articles, and will be missed very dearly.