NFL teams add depth in hopes of win

Evan Frazier, Sports Editor

The NFL draft has proven to be one of the most exciting nights throughout the year. Most teams celebrate, while others cry because their team made the worst pick.

With the first pick in the draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars selected Trevor Lawrence, a quarterback out of Clemson. Very good pick; they couldn’t have gone wrong with this one.

With the second pick, the New York Jets selected Zach Wilson, a quarterback out of Brigham Young University (BYU). I have mixed feelings about this guy. He has amazing arm talent, but he has to prove himself. He’s only had one good season at BYU.

With the third pick, the San Francisco 49ers selected Trey Lance, a quarterback out of North Dakota State University. Lance did not play in the 2020 college season due to COVID. He has a lot of potential, but only time will tell if he works out.

With the fourth pick, the Atlanta Falcons selected Kyle Pitts, a tight end out of the University of Florida. This guy is a freak of nature. Not much else to say. He will dominate in the league.

With the fifth pick, the Cincinnati Bengals selected Ja’Marr Chase, a wide receiver out of Louisiana State University. This pick had everyone thinking they were taking a lineman because of Joe Burrow’s new injury. They still got a solid pick, reuniting Burrow with his former teammate. 

With the sixth pick, the Miami Dolphins selected Jaylen Waddle, a wide receiver out of the University of Alabama. Dolphins reunited Waddle with his former teammate Tua Tagovailoa. Waddle is a great pick to add better depth to the receiving core in Miami.

With the seventh pick, the Detroit Lions selected Penei Sewell, an offensive tackle out of the University of Oregon. Everyone thought he was going earlier, but the Lions got the steal of the top 10. Sewell is a safe pick to protect the quarterback. Amazing pick.

With the eighth pick, the Carolina Panthers selected Jaycee Horn, a cornerback out of South Carolina. This pick was solid, Carolina needed some defense and they got it.

With the ninth pick, the Denver Broncos selected Patrick Surtain II, a cornerback out of the University of Alabama.This one shocked a lot of people; the Broncos were in need of a quarterback. Surtain is a solid pick to add to an excellent defense. 

And finally for the tenth pick the Philadelphia Eagles selected Devonta Smith, a wide receiver out of the University of Alabama. This was exactly what the Eagles needed. The Eagles always fail to draft good receivers, but they went with the safe option in this case. Great pick.