Y/N goes to Prom

Madison Dowell, Staff Writer

This year, seniors and juniors alike missed out on the biggest night of high school: Prom. Whether you spend it on the dance floor or in the photo booth, it is supposed to be the most amazing night of any teen’s life. As a way to compensate for the monumental loss, the following story is about you, the reader. Referred to as Y/N, which stands for your name, you will be able to experience the most important milestones of Prom: limos, dresses and love.

Y/N awoke with determination in her sapphire blue orbs. Today was the most important day of her high school career: Prom. She rose from her queen-size bed with her brown, unruly curls cascading down her shoulders. After her morning run, she made her way to her kitchen to make a protein shake. After she downed it—in a rather unladylike fashion, because she’s not like other girls—she texted her best friend, Heather. Heather was Y/N’s super beautiful friend who always had a new boyfriend every week, while Y/N still couldn’t get a date to Prom. They were treating themselves to a spa day before Prom night, to prepare themselves for the greatest night ever.

After their spa day, the girls got dolled up and into their dresses. Y/N was wearing a floor-length baby blue dress that had a square neckline. Heather was wearing a hot pink mermaid dress with a sweetheart neckline and a ton of lace. Y/N expected to look less pretty next to Heather, and it didn’t bother her at all because she wasn’t some vapid teen girl who obsessed over boys. Y/N valued smarts over looks, thank you very much.

Once they got into the limo, all hell broke loose and everyone was drinking or making out. Y/N preferred to stick to her Sprite, lest she fall victim to the dangers of herpes. After all, she barely knew half the guys in the car and who knew where they’d been? They ate at a five-star restaurant that was so dazzling. Y/N probably had the most delicious meal of her life, and she was loving it. After they all finished, they got back in the limo and headed for Prom.

Finally, they arrived at the dance to end all dances, the all-glorious Prom. All of Y/N’s hopes were realized and she truly peaked. She danced her heart away, and when she bumped into the star quarterback, Brock Johnson, she let go of all her fears and asked him to dance. She had the most magical night with Brock, and when he kissed her at exactly midnight, Y/N could’ve sworn she’d never been happier.

As she went back to her house, she reflected on her terrific evening. She had a fun day with Heather and an even better night with Brock. Looking down at her phone, she saw his number saved in her contacts with a heart next to his name. She was certain they both fell in love, and she couldn’t wait for what the rest of senior year held for her.