Tik Tok Gone Wild

Victoria Gillard, Staff Writer

TikTok started out as a controversial app when it was revamped in 2017 and the name was changed from “Musical.ly.” It took awhile for students to warm up to this big change, but eventually we accepted the new update and took it for what it was. 

However, with this new name came new features and creations. It was no longer just the *intense,* 15-second, 2x-speed videos of hand motions and lip syncing to “Stereo Hearts.” With this new update, TikTok trends were born. 


Some of our current favorite TikTok trends: 

  • Devious licks

Devious licks is a newly popular TikTok trend where kids steal random objects from their school in a heroic cool-guy attempt to go viral. Some crowd favorite thefts include paper towel dispensers, bathroom locks and – my personal favorite – urinals. 

Question: how exactly do you smuggle a urinal? Prior to the award-winning urinal thief, most shoved their bathroom souvenirs into their backpacks (amateurs), but this must’ve been meticulously mapped out before the crime was committed. 

Also, what is the plan when your mom finds a fun little surprise in your room? Are you going to tell her that it’s okay because your friends (or should I say followers) were so proud of you for successfully ripping off a school urinal? Yeah, I’m sure that would work out really well. 

  • Thirst traps 

Now, the very controversial subject of thirst traps. What is the verdict on them? First of all, who decided that it would be hot to make a 15-second transition video with red LED lights blasting in their face and call it a trend? Do the red lights give a nice ambience  that makes these TikTokers irresistibly attractive? Probably… because it’s all gone in the flip of a switch. Not to mention the fact that 95 percent of the time, thirst traps are made by the guys who parted their hair down the middle and think it automatically classifies as a glow up. Sorry, but someone had to say it.

  •  TikTok dances

Are TikTok dances still a trend? There will always be the few stragglers that continue to make TikTok dances to whatever songs are current, but we have gotten to a point as a TikTok community where the Renegade has been retired and there is no more wondering if Charli D’amelio will ever post the long-awaited video of her doing the WAP. Is this the end of an era? 

TikTok is one of the most popular social media apps, especially among the younger generations, and there is no doubt in my mind that there will be many more ridiculous trends in the future to entertain my fellow TikTok peers.