Costco refuses service to high schoolers without cards

Cristian Hernandez, Staff Writer

There’s no other feeling like craving Costco pizza after hours of not eating and waiting for lunch. That is, until you get to Costco and realize you need a Costco card to eat at the food court. 

Even after this setback, people aren’t giving up. Students have tried using debit cards and gift cards – anything that would look remotely close to a Costco card – to gain entry. 

The Wolf recently asked Tualatin High School senior Samantha Ramos what she thinks about this unexpected change for people who go to Costco for lunch.

“I think it was a punch in the face for a lot of broke high school students,” Ramos said. “Costco was a go-to for lunch considering how affordable it is. I personally am heartbroken that I can’t get a $2 slice of pizza anymore.” 

Ramos confirmed that students are looking for creative ways around the new rule.

“I think people are finding ways to sneak in and taking their parents’ membership cards. You do what you got to do to eat. Am I right?” Ramos said.

Students also wonder if Costco’s new policy is having an effect on other local businesses. 

“I think all Wilsonville has to offer for lunch is Costco. Tualatin definitely gets more high schoolers at lunch time now. The most popular places would be Taco Bell, McDonald’s and Wendy’s.”

Samantha Ramos, taken by Cristian Hernandez