October sees spread of new, spooky virus

Katherine Kang, Staff Writer

As if we didn’t have it bad enough, another epidemic has been brought upon us this October. Classmates, friends, and family members have been infected left and right with a contagious virus: the Halloween spirit. This disease (luckily harmless) affects people’s actions and personalities in various different ways, and to help identify cases, experts have labeled the four major types of people under the Halloween spirit.


The overachiever: The average fan of Halloween sets out a few pumpkins and gives candy to trick-or-treaters, but the average overachiever takes Halloween to the complete and utter next level. You can find extravagant skeletons, spider webs and animatronics displayed on their lawns with lights and a smoke machine as early as late September. The overachiever not only excels in the decorations department but in candy as well, and kids from all over town flock to their house for king-sized chocolate bars and toys. Their status in the neighborhood is legendary, and you can only hope not to live next door to such fierce competition.


“Only in it for the aesthetic” girls: As the leaves change color and the smell of pumpkin spice fills the air, it is now time to say goodbye to Hot Girl Summer and hello to Cozy Girl Autumn. During this transition of seasons, certain girls will undergo a metamorphosis stage and suddenly appear one day in knitted sweaters, hats, scarves and knee-length boots. These girls are likely to be spotted having photoshoots in pumpkin patches, wheelbarrows and piles of leaves. True to Bo Burnham’s word, their Instagrams are sure to flaunt latte foam art, tiny pumpkins and fuzzy comfy socks.


The horror junkie: Horror junkies, who see Oct. 31 as stoners see Apr. 20, are always craving that rush of adrenaline that one feels only after narrowly avoiding death. These people stay up late every night rewatching their favorite classic horror films despite having every line and piece of trivia memorized. The rest of their time is spent sauntering through haunted houses, vlogging their ghost hunts and flirting with demons via ouija board. Even with their often edgy and pretentious behaviour, it is impossible not to respect the lengths they would go to to end up as the next paranormal-death case.


Costumers: Finally, the most common and discernible type of people you’ll spot on Halloween are the ones in costumes. However, due to the great variety in this group, it is important to split these people into distinct subcultures. Every year, you will find “The Generics” representing the classic Halloween icons. Vampire, witch and ghost costumes are always a safe choice, but wearing them will be at the cost of looking basic and bland. The more flavorful costumes will be worn by “The Professionals,” who spend days making their own outfits and hours on their makeup in order to transform into something that could have walked straight out of a graveyard or an anime. Further subcultures are characterized by the couples costume, the DIY costume, the obscure-character-that-no-one-knows costume, and who could forget the bad pun costume? Ultimately, Halloween is the one time a year where people from psychopaths to furries can openly express their inner selves, so take advantage of this worldwide cosplay event to wear something fun in the Halloween spirit.