Students acknowledge, appreciate changes after year of isolation

Isabella Kneeshaw, Feature Editor

Question- What are the biggest changes you’ve noticed now that we’re back and learning in-person?


I have noticed that students are more aware of their emotional needs and better able to verbalize these feelings and understandings. Students seem more willing to discuss the role that mental health plays in their lives.” Andrew Bonica, psychology teacher


“For me, being back in school has been a curse and a blessing. On one hand, it’s good seeing everyone and having more social interaction, but on the other hand the workload and homework have been really stressful and overwhelming.” Matthew Hines, junior


“The biggest changes I’ve noticed now that we are back in person is that people are keeping in touch with others more and becoming more social. I’ve also noticed that it is easier to learn because I can communicate with my peers and my teachers. Overall, I think things are starting to feel like how it was before COVID.” Kelly Nguyen, junior


“Personally, I haven’t noticed much change. I enjoy the environment in every one of my classes. Most people contribute to class conversations with the teachers and students, and it’s very fun!” Janani Romero, senior


“I think the biggest thing I have noticed now that we are back to in-person is how much more lively people are. While we were online, the only real interactions we had with each other were when we were paired to do assignments or breakout rooms, and while we were in hybrid, it was hard to connect with people who were six feet away with masks on. Getting to see people reconnect or make new connections is really special, and I know that we are not out of the woods with the pandemic, but it feels like we started right where we left off from a social aspect.” Amity Humphrey, sophomore


The biggest changes I have noticed now that we are back in person are how excited the students are to be back in person and how engaged and driven they are. Students come to class eager and ready to learn, and there is a bigger sense of hope and joy in just being together again.” Brenna White, digital arts teacher


“I’m excited to have students back in my classroom. The thing that has surprised me the most about being back is that students seem to be handling the transition pretty well. Keeping masks on hasn’t been much of an issue. I think that being home last year really made us all appreciate what a privilege it is to be together in person.” Jessica Fontaine, science/AVID teacher