Few students don’t follow mask rules

Juliana Villanueva, Staff Writer

Peers and teachers alike are glad that communities have transitioned from webcam lessons to in-person classes, but now that Governor Kate Brown has mandated masks statewide, some are not following that order. 

“It will definitely become optional at some point,” sophomore Cora Willard stated. “Sometimes, every couple of days, someone with a mask will have it below their nose.” 

Every now and then, teachers remind students to wear their masks properly. 

“There’s a few who want it to drop below to show their nose, but for the most part, I think students here at the high school are really respectful,” Marketing 1 teacher Jenna Baird said.

Most individuals at Tualatin High School are being considerate, as Baird observed.

According to the Oregon Department of Education, “Some accommodations may be temporary as students adjust, such as masks being worn for an increasing amount of time during in-person school – utilizing designated locations for face mask and covering breaks.” 

Students can take off their masks once in a while, mainly to drink or eat while maintaining a six-foot distance from one another. 

“I take off my mask at school only when I’m eating at lunch. Then after I eat, I put it back on for safety,” sophomore Kenny Lopez said.

Students wonder if there is a way to be more flexible with the mask rules.

“Sometimes I have breathing troubles with anxiety and stuff,” Willard said. “But using coping mechanisms is a really good way [to get past that].”

With Willard’s suggestion, many students who find it challenging to wear a mask for a long duration of time should find a coping mechanism that works for them. 

An article written by Your Way listed coping mechanisms, including, “Do something to relax before and after wearing a mask – Try some short breathing exercises to help you relax.”

Finding ways to be comfortable while following the rules could leave students satisfied and at ease.