Rainy-day activities keep us busy until sun returns


Graphic by Isabella Kneeshaw

Maya Brisan, Staff Writer

As Oregonians, we are familiar with our winters; there are few days without rain. It can be easy to let the rainy and downcast weather dampen your spirits, but there are so many fun things to do inside that can help pass the time when the weather is gloomy. 

First off, there is nothing better than watching a movie with friends or family while it rains cats and dogs outside; choose a movie or two to watch while spending time together. Binge all 20+ Marvel movies, rewatch comfort movies, discover something new or watch a bunch of cheesy rom-coms. Make some popcorn, have some dessert or just eat whatever food makes you content. 

Another thing to help pass the time is to pull out a good book and read with a warm drink. You may argue that you hate reading, but there has to be something out there for you to enjoy! Read a comic book or a rich fantasy book; reading while it pours outside has a certain vibe that is hard to attain from any other activity. Now, if you really despise reading, that is understandable; another thing you can do instead is play a video game or draw. Preferably do something to get your eyes away from electronics to give them a rest and listen to the sound of rain hitting your roof.

Lastly, play board/card games with your family or friends. Get your brain working by playing Monopoly, play something like Life that gets everybody laughing, or play something simple and mindless like Liar. Any game that you want to play will brighten everyone’s day, and some delicious snacks or drinks will keep spirits high.

All in all, it is easy to forget that there are so many fun things to do while it rains outside, and these are just a few ideas to keep you and the people around you happy and spending time together, or by yourself.

Rainy-day activities keep us busy until sun returns