TuHS bathrooms suck

Andrew Epp, Bilingual Editor

Since coming back to school, it’s been great to reconnect with others and fall back into a normal routine of seeing old friends, going to football games, parking in the visitors’ spots, all of which have been a pleasant return to normalcy. But one thing that still absolutely sucks is the bathrooms at the school. 

Every single time I try to go to the bathroom, it’s like I’m waiting in the line for the DMV: there’s only one stall, the ceiling tiles are stained or missing and even the new bathroom is always clogged with underclassmen juuling in the stalls. It’s gotten so bad that I’ll even hold it in until I get home. 

At the same time, I’m honestly impressed with the messiness of the bathroom. Sometimes I’ll find things like the occasional grilled cheese floating in the bowl, the slice of moldy pizza sitting right next to the toilet and urinals clogged with toilet paper and flooding the bathroom. At this point I’m just grateful no one has taken the toilets out. But wait, it gets worse. Sometimes I feel like I need a gas mask just to walk into the bathrooms. I mean each one smells so much worse than the others.  

With closed bathrooms popping up all over the school displaying signs saying, ‘Closed due to vandalism,’ it’s no wonder the TuHS bathrooms suck. For many upperclassmen, this reminds them of when the tech wing and music hall bathrooms were closed pre-COVID.  

At this point, finding an empty and clean bathroom is like finding a four-leaf clover. I swear, sometimes when I search for a bathroom, I’ll start off in the science hall and end up in the tech wing. Well, at least all this running around is training me for track and field. In all seriousness, these bathrooms are so bad that I’d rather use the sketchy bathrooms at Seven Eleven.