“Divorce, Babe, Divorce”: Adele’s 30 makes anyone affected by divorce cry

Madison Dowell, Staff Writer

Adele has the unique ability to make even the most stoic of us weep at her heartbreaking lyrics. Her newest album, 30, has made me cry countless times, but we don’t have the word count to talk about that. No, we are delving into the tragic life of Adele and how she uses music to bring her struggles to life.

She opens the album with “Strangers By Nature,” a song about life after an ended relationship that expresses relief, loneliness and calmness. ”My Little Love” is a song to her child, with snippets of conversations between them and how Adele explains her divorce to someone so young. Both of these songs beautifully exhibit common emotions and scenarios that come with divorce, and Adele sings them with grace and agony in their most acute form.

Most of 30 is a showcase of Adele’s post-divorce life. Moving on from heartbreak to other partners is the plot of her story, and the subplot is the six-minute song called ”I Drink Wine.” Now, I am a law-abiding citizen, so I can’t relate to this song. However, I believe that we, as a society, should acknowledge the genius and bravery that comes with releasing this song. Adele single-handedly supports, and immensely profits from, the middle-aged mom community, and we need to acknowledge her service. “I Drink Wine” tells the sad secret truths that take courage to recognize and tackle, and it’s also going to be on so many cotton t-shirts. 

While Adele is known for sad songs, she still hopes for love and shows it in both her lyrics and voice. Despite all her hurt and struggles, she still lives for love, and it’s that uplifting message that anyone who listens to 30 should hold onto. Despite the pain, she still tries, both for herself and her child. In “To Be Loved,” Adele looks back as she closes this chapter in her life and ends the song with her plea to the world to know that she tried. 

So, as you avoid the album to keep some semblance of mental stability, know that everyone tries and everyone loves, even when it tears you apart.