Students at TuHS Reflect on Their Fall Sports Season

Simon Phipps, Staff Writer

This fall season was filled to the brim with ups and downs. The anticipation has been growing, given that last year’s seasons were shrunk like cotton in a dryer. Football sophomore Asher Noland blocked plenty of passes, senior Mikayla Randels unleashed some lethal spikes in volleyball, sophomore Jared Villa Rosales made some brilliant saves in soccer, the junior and senior Lakeman brothers kept a respectable pace in cross country and water polo senior Darren Tingey made some shocking full-field shots.

The start of the football season was no surprise, as TuHS came into the season with a heavily-skilled team, demonstrating notable leadership and poise. The goal for the season was simple: winning a state championship. But Noland offered a glimpse of the more psychological side of such a task.

We knew we had the chance to be something special,” Noland said. “It was just a matter of if we would buy into what we believed in.” 

COVID-19 has made this fall season stand out from the rest. As repetitive as its negative effects have been over the past two years, it has allowed hundreds of athletes and teams to better appreciate the opportunities and bonds they are given through sports. Water polo player Darren Tingey expressed his sheer appreciation for a real season, regardless of its outcome.

Last year we had a modified season due to COVID, so being able to actually play made it a lot more exciting,” he said. “We didn’t know how good we were going to be, but we were happy to finally play.”

Tualatin High School’s soccer season was thrilling. Although neither team made it far into the playoffs, seeing their growth and spirit together was nothing short of inspirational. The women’s team ended their season with a record of 7-4-4, and the men’s record was7-4-1.

This cross country season for Tualatin was unforgettable. The Lakeman brothers were, of course, among the favorite runners for so many, but the team environment and relationships were what made each race count for every athlete.

“They are always supportive, and off the track they have helped me be a better leader and enjoy the memories I have made with them outside of racing,” said Aaron Lakeman.

And last, but certainly not least, the volleyball team had an action packed season. There were plenty of shocks, oos and ahhs. The team ended the season with a 10-12 record.

Our growth as a team has been so cool to watch,” Randels said. “ The adrenaline that comes with the game, and it’s just incredibly fun when we all want to win together.”

Extracurriculars are often students’ favorite part of high school, and with the winter season already off to a start, there will be plenty of competition to watch in the months ahead. Keep in mind that the dreaded pay-to-play fee has been abolished. See you next season!