Students celebrate winter holidays

Anna Sherman, Co-Sports Editor

With fall coming to an end, the winter season is pushing full steam ahead. Snow, winter break, sitting around the fire and sipping hot cocoa are among the best things the holiday season offers. The Wolf interviewed two TuHS students about the holiday they celebrate, and the traditions that go along with it, for a more intimate view into what the holidays mean for all of us. 

“I celebrate Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter,” sophomore Jaylyn Arosemena said. “My family and I don’t celebrate Christmas religiously. We celebrate it for fun.”

Typical Christmas traditions include giving gifts, getting a Christmas tree, watching festive movies and decorating cookies and gingerbread houses. 

“On Christmas, we receive gifts from “santa” and give gifts to one another,” Arosemena said. 

There are typical traditions, and then there are traditions that are unique to one’s family. 

“Every Christmas we buy an ornament for someone in our family that relates to their interests,” Arosemena said.

Freshman Macy Marg celebrates Hanukkah. 

“We light the candles on the menorah and receive chocolates that are covered in gold or silver foil to resemble coins called gelt.,” Marg said.

Those are just a few typical Hanukkah traditions. Others include playing the dreidel game, exchanging gifts, and cooking and eating foods such as latkes, sufganiyot and kugel.   

“Some nights, instead of getting gifts, we ‘gift back’ by doing nice things for the people around us like walking neighbors’ dogs or babysitting for free,” Macy said. 

Other students at TuHS celebrate Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa is a celebration of African-American culture set from Dec. 26 to Jan. 1. People often celebrate by singing, dancing, storytelling, poetry reading and eating lots of delicious food. They assemble the Kwanzaa display and light the candles, reflecting on each day and honoring their ancestors. 

Within our school and community, students, teachers and families celebrate the holiday season in different ways. Our traditions and unique ways of celebrating are what make the holiday season that much more special.