Start 2022 off right with these upcoming, underrated artists

Simon Phipps, Staff Writer

As a new year arrives, many of us are dying to right the wrongs of our cringe-worthy “Spotify Wraps” of last year. To help, a list of lesser-known, underrated artists is here to save your ears. 

You may know AG Club from their hit “Memphisoff of their 2020 debut album. They presented strong inspiration from artists such as A$AP Rocky and Kid Cudi, but after their first plaque, they stayed hungry. Upon the release of their two-part project, F*** YOUR EXPECTATIONS, they demonstrated their skill in production, writing and an unfathomable sound design. They represent a sound like no other, only able to be compared to themselves. Lead singers Jody Fontaine and gay community member Baby Boy have demonstrated raw talent for exposing bars and mind-boggling flows.

If you have a thirst for soul music, then Father’s Children may be able to quench it. They have been around for quite some time, dating from 1979 to present day. There has, of course, been a rotation of producers, engineers and vocalists, but the quality of the music has stayed consistent. They are most known for their samples in other songs, such as “I Really Really Love You” in Redveil’s “Weight” and “Dirt and Grime” in Kanye’s FACTS. Father’s Children has a reputation for consistent and solemn tracks, filled with mellow energy and triumphant vocals. 

Next is someone that many know and love, yet still lacks the appreciation for what his craft deserves: Portland-hailing Aminé. Aminé is best known for his single released six years ago in 2016, “Caroline.” Soon after he released his debut studio album, Good for you, including summer beat songs like “Heebeejeebees,” ‘Spice Girl” andYellow.” Next, Aminé veered towards a more vulnerable position with his album OnePointFive, opening up his love life and explaining the therapy that music has become for him. Aminé then showed his strength in maturity by releasing his fan favorite album, Limbo. He later experimented with hyperpop in 2021 on TwoPointFive, with which he is opening his tour in Portland on Jan. 29. The distinctive rapper has a bright and long future ahead of him.

“I don’t think I have any one specific sound. On a summer day, throw on ‘Good for you,’ maybe when you’re riding the bus, play ‘Limbo,’” Aminé suggested. “Whatever it is, I want every album to have a different feeling,” the artist said in an interview with Hip-Hop fanatic Anthony Fantano.

The last artist taps into an Alternative Rock and R&B fusion. The duo Paris Texas, of course from Paris, Texas, released their debut track “HEAVY METAL” in early 2021 and gained immediate recognition from Pigeons and Planes. They soon after released a music video to go with the single showing great inspiration from Childish Gambino’s This is America.

Keeping an open mind in music is one of the most mature characteristics of music lovers out there, so here are some other underrated and laid back artists that are well worth your time: Aaron May, MIA and, lastly, Skip Mahoaney and the Casuals. Enjoy your listening!