Eat out like it’s the ‘60s

Cristian Hernandez, Staff Writer

People are always looking for places to eat out – especially new restaurants, since they’re a fresh experience. Unique openings like the long-awaited ‘60s Diner are bound to attract attention in the community among all demographics, but especially among the generation that grew up in the ‘60s wanting to experience their youth again through a diner.

The dishes range from BLT sandwiches and burgers, to ‘60’s-themed salads and soups. Along with the dishes there are beverages, such as milk shakes and root beer floats, which are available along with fountain soda drinks and even “Boozy Shakes,” which are alcoholic milkshakes using rum, tequila, whiskey and bourbon for the over-21 crowd.

The Wolf interviewed Tualatin High School student Mia Cox, who is also a ‘60s Diner employee. She shared with us her thoughts on the restaurant.

How do you like the work environment of the restaurant?

“I love the ‘60s vibe and the positive atmosphere of my coworkers and boss. We all work very well together and it feels like a family,” Cox said.

What would you recommend someone get if it’s their first time there?

“I recommend first time customers try our most popular meals: the John Wayne burger or the Elvis Presley Hawaiian burger. Personally, I’m a very plain eater, so I always go for the chicken tenders and a bowl of chili.” 

What is your favorite part of working at the ‘60s Diner?

“My favorite part about working at a ‘60s Diner is meeting all the new people. I try to make every customer that walks in feel welcomed and accommodated in our beautiful restaurant. I love seeing regulars and building a flourishing community.” 

Thanks to Mia’s insight, we’re able to see that not only is it a good place to dine, but it’s also a good atmosphere for workers.