Pros, cons of online instruction persist

Juliana Villanueva, Staff Writer

For a week and a half, students and teachers of Tualatin High School had to continue their education and learning through their laptop screens. The year 2020 seemed to resurge through the minds of students and teachers alike during their time in online learning. 

Tuesday, Jan. 11, seemed like any other day experienced by individuals of Tualatin High; however, that afternoon, teachers and students were emailed with the confirmation that a second interval of online instruction was necessary. 

This second interval of learning from home began on Thursday, Jan. 13 and continued through Friday, Jan. 21. Teachers and staff prepared their lesson plans for their students as the days of online instruction flew by. 

In an interview with English teacher Lori DuPuis, she shared her experience, stating, “The only issue [with moving to] online instruction from in-person was how to group the students and keep them engaged when we can’t see their faces most of the time.” 

Online instruction distances students from socializing and engaging in activities, so it can become problematic for teachers compiling an activity to try to encourage students to participate. Even so, it was not just the distance, but it was the distractions that could cause difficulties for a student’s learning. 

“I didn’t really focus that well,” freshman Bethany Luong stated. 

Distractions such as nearby electronics could have been a potential disturbance to many students during online instruction. Regardless of how distractions came into play, there were still some benefits that came to light. 

“I think a positive was being able to be in the comfort of my own home with my fuzzy socks,” DuPuis expressed. 

It seems that many others would agree with DuPuis. When staying at home, students can endure sensibility and safety from the long-running coronavirus variants. Not only feeling a sense of security at home, but feeling comfortable wearing fuzzy socks and pajamas all day can be relatable to many. 

One thing many students and teachers experienced during the pandemic, and the momentarily short week of online instruction, was the flexibility and downtime one experiences. With that openness and spare time, schedules seem to be less compacted and a sense of freedom can be enjoyed. 

Whether another pit stop of in-person school briefly transitions into online learning, it is safe to say that each and every one of us will be yearning for our comfortable, fuzzy socks towards the end of the day.