Are you into girls or integrals?


Graphic by Isabella Kneeshaw

We asked Tualatin High School’s HL 2 math class whether they preferred girls…or math. They requested to remain anonymous.


“A little bit of both. Work hard, play hard. Am I right?”


“Girls are cool and all, but have you ever correctly integrated a logarithmic equation and had the answer simplify down to a single digit?” 


“I have two hours of math homework a night…who has time for girls?”


“A woman who is into math is just that much more my type…If u like engineering hmu.”


“I’m only allowed to date integrals right now.”


“I’m using math as a form of abstinence because if you’re doing math you’re not out there getting girls.”


“Girls are temporary. Math is forever. “


“Girls won’t pay the bills.”




“At least I know math will never reject me.”