When will an original be proposed?

Juliana Villanueva, Staff Writer

From live-action reboots of animated films to new storylines for the same superhero, it can feel like all movies have a remake indefinitely set for them for years to come. But when a classic film ends up being remade and rebooted countless times, the quality and uniqueness of the classic dwindles.   

A new film should establish itself as an unprecedented story and encourage new perspectives to its audience. 

Arranging the film crew, organizing the setups and assembling the cast are a few of the efforts a movie director oversees when composing a movie. 

“Point Break was remade and released into theaters, but the reboot scored awful reviews from critics, earning a horrific 9 percent on Rotten Tomatoes,” The DiamondBack reports. 

Not only is the audience of a remake often disappointed, but the individuals who cooperated to recreate the original and beloved movie are also impacted by the outcome. 

Just recently, The Batman was released on big screens on Mar. 4, starring Robert Pattinson. The movie is currently rated at 85 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, although that may be subject to change. 

The Batman saga has been adapted from the original comics, and sooner or later, there may be no more chapters to adapt. However, a large number of chapters of the Batman comics are available to adapt, so more adaptations may be forthcoming. 

The average cost to produce a major studio movie has been around $65 million,” Investopedia writer Annie Mueller states. 

Instead of adapting from a comic, a new and original proposal of a film should be picked up by a studio. 

Remaking and adapting movies has always been a custom in the film industry. While remakes come with some risk, there is also risk with original scripts.

Risks are evaluated and taken by movie studios, but with an original idea, tucked away somewhere, that risk should be taken. There is always a chance it may become a high-grossing film - a chance for a new perspective to be experienced. That movie may be the blockbuster of the decade.