Wilsonville Yearbook provides fierce competition for Tualatin Newspaper

Victoria Gillard, Staff Writer

I don’t know if you all know this, but the Wilsonville Yearbook has left quite the presence on TikTok, gaining major clout! They have over two million views on their most viral video and almost 800,000 likes on their page. 

Their bio comes off a little bold, stating they are the “#1 school page in Oregon.” I think we all know the Tualatin Student Section Instagram is superior, but who’s really keeping track? Maybe we’re a little biased. Regardless, the Wilsonville Yearbook account has become pretty popular and The Wolf newspaper staff senses a competition rising. 

On behalf of The Wolf, I reached out to the Wilsonville Yearbook and consulted with seniors Emma Matthies and Ryland Espejo.


How do you come up with your TikTok ideas? 

“We never expected to blow up on TikTok, but that’s just what happens when our yearbook teacher puts a bunch of popular loners together to promote the yearbook.”


Do you have any advice on gaining TikTok clout?

“The key to gaining clout on TikTok is to know your target audience and to keep up with new trends. Consistency also plays a big role in making sure our TikToks reach students and parents so they are up to date on current yearbook news. Some videos can be serious and informative, but some will show off our goofy side, and we can promote the yearbook and have fun at the same time. Getting clout on TikTok motivates us to keep creating content for our viewers.”


Why do you think you’re better than The Wolf  Newspaper?

“For one, the yearbook takes a lot of work and a lot of people to put it all together. Interviews, writing stories, taking pictures, collecting poll data, coming up with theme ideas: there are a ton of aspects that go into our over-100-page yearbook. On top of making the yearbook, the social media team also has to market the book to our peers and parents. It takes time to come up with marketing strategies, and then execute them. For example, we recently made stickers that each student gets if they purchase a yearbook (basically a bribe). It took time and effort to make the stickers, wait for them to get shipped, and also pass them out to students.

Second of all, our content on Instagram and Tiktok is lit no cap. Our mascot, Willie the Wildcat, is so pushing P, and The Wolf Newspaper is mid. The Wolf newspaper is just so goofy ahh we just be luh geeky and devious a.s.f. Not only do we have the litty Willie, we also have @porterbowlesfitness on our team who is a famous fitness influencer (arguably the strongest person in the PNW) and an absolute menace in the weight room.”

Wow! Sounds like the Wilsonville yearbook staff has quite the production going on behind the scenes and is not afraid to throw shade. Although they may have gone viral on TikTok, The Wolf is not yet ready to admit defeat. Their content seems a little bland to be getting millions of views, but I guess it’s all about knowing your target audience, right? We may not have famous fitness influencers on our team or TikTok clout, but at least we know how to use proper grammar and dialect. Though we respect the hustle and work of Wilsonville Yearbook, the competition is just beginning.