It’s Gemini Season. Buckle up!

The Wolf’s own May and June Geminis, seniors Madison Dowell and Ryan Ehrhart, bring you something a bit different than the usual horoscope. We’re bringing you something slay, something yass, something never done before: a Gemini season panel. Your favorite Geminis will be talking about everything you need to know for the 2022 zodiac season, so buckle up and prepare for the best co-written article ever.

R: invest in some noise-canceling headphones and life insurance because Gemini season starts on May 20 and runs through June 20. For the duration of these 30 days, you can expect the most insane people in your lives to impress you with just how much more energetic they can get. The chaotic and manipulative powers of Gemini will be in overdrive during this time, and it doesn’t help that Mercury is in retrograde!


M: Fortunately, retrograde ends June 3, so craziness will still persist but at a lesser rate. So chill and don’t worry about not graduating. Your senior research paper might suck a little, but hopefully the English gods take pity on you. Anyways, May 30 is a new moon and it gives us Geminis some public recognition.


R: On the plus side, the close of Taurus season will bring Gemini placements a more upbeat and free-spirited mindset just in time for graduation and summer. These shifts will be a pleasant change from the draining and slow IB seasons, in which many of us found it hard to breathe (especially  because testing was in the wrestling room). I’m looking forward to how freeing June will be after this last stretch!


R: Madison, how are you planning on spending your Gemini season?


M: I’m going to be out on the town every Saturday night and just be social in any way I can. Gemini season is a marker in the year as the start of summer, so it is time to partay.


R: I’m planning to spend it reading four things at once while seeing my friends as much as I can and planning my dorm decor (though I should probably finish my own WIP walls first). I’m looking forward to that manic girlie rush that comes as soon as summer starts and my birthday passes. I’m sure you feel the same.


M: Ryan, what advice would you give to your fellow June Geminis on how to survive the coming season?


R: Probably to set checking limits on your credit cards to avoid 1:34 a.m. spending, and try not to abandon the 30 projects you’ll pick up.


M: This is why May Geminis are better. We just have excellent energy and wonderful spending habits.

R: And June Geminis are, of course, extra better, because we exist in the beautiful summer month of June, not the semi-cringe exam season of May.


M: May is the month of perfect weather. You get a nice breeze and the shining sun, whereas you are melting under the June heat. Accept defeat, Ryan.

R: We don’t have the word count to parse out which Gemini month is superior (it is not May), but we can wish all gems a lovely season!