Strange things stir in the Multiverse of Madness

Juliana Villanueva, Staff Writer

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness appears to be a wild addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie hit theaters in early May. 

American filmmaker Sam Raimi directed the film, and based upon trailers and posters, he incorporates many monotone and dull colors. Raimi frequently uses this color scheme in his films, while most Marvel movies use vibrant colors. 

“There’s a surprising amount of gore in the film for a PG-13 movie,” film critic Chris Stuckermann shared in his Youtube review

It is not much of a surprise for Raimi to apply dull colors and gory scenes to this installment of the Dr. Strange franchise. These additions create a more horrific effect, but since it is a Marvel movie, the movie will still have elements of our beloved superheroes and supervillains. 

Because Marvel is meant to be watched by kids and teenagers and not just adults, the maturity of this film could be an issue for some younger fans. The movie is enjoyable for all, though, with the involvement of the characters and the overall plot. 

Dr. Strange is obviously the main character that appears in this film, and just as the name of this movie implies, the Multiverse will cause many of the conflicts that arise. 

“Now, Strange will take on a whole new universe of trouble as he advances his sorcery skills, which is already confirmed to pit him with challenges he’s never seen before,” TheDirect writer Richard Nebens stated in a review

A few characters from other Marvel movies will also return, such as Wanda Maximoff (the Scarlet Witch) and Wong, who was Dr. Strange’s adviser. Since Wanda is confirmed to make an appearance in the film, the film may reference her own show, WandaVision, which is streaming on DisneyPlus. The Multiverse contains different universes and variants of the familiar faces of Marvel, so variants of Dr. Strange and one of Wanda will emerge. 

One not-so-pleasant variant of Dr. Strange was confirmed to have his own cameo in the film. Sinister Strange appears more disheveled, and he is dressed in darker robes. This character takes a darker path, since he is consumed by grief, unlike the original. 

A new character introduced in this movie is America Chavez, who is played by actress Xochitl Gomez. Her superpowers include being able to open portals into the multiverse, levitating and possessing superhuman strength. Her addition to the Marvel films is exciting, and it is possible that she will appear in future films. 

An even wilder rumor was brought up by writer Joe Deckelmeier, who suggested that a potential sequel will present a variant of James Logan (Wolverine) but not played by actor Hugh Jackman. However, implementing a cameo of the X-Men character would be a nearly unprecedented move from past Marvel movies. 

Nevertheless, this installment of Doctor Strange will be a great movie to watch with others.