Media giants Twitch, YouTube stir trouble with content creators

Daniel Rios, Staff Writer

Twitch and YouTube have recently faced backlash for their policies that negatively affect streamers and content creators. 

Streamer Jidion says on Twitter that it was unfair that he was banned permanently, while another streamer was banned for just seven days for doing something that was not suitable for children’s entertainment. Other content creators commented on the matter, but Twitch said nothing about the event.

Twitch also made a new policy on its website stating that streamers cannot live stream gambling content. With this new policy, huge streamers weren’t happy that their opinions about streaming were not considered, and they now have to move to other platforms to post their content. 

Due to Twitch changing its policies, many major streamers decided to move to YouTube to livestream. YouTube had no problem  with these creators, but then streamer “Ludwig” was banned from streaming his content which includes storytimes,video game content and reacting to other videos. This problem was quickly solved after a dispute with YouTube.

A YouTube content creator named, “Coryxkenshin,” made a video addressing YouTube’s policies;  his video was age-restricted, while other creators that made videos with the same premise  were not age-restricted. After that conflict went public, other examples were brought to the light concerning this topic. Youtube responded by age-restricting all videos that had that particular content in it, but people were still not happy about it. 

To this day, YouTube has given Coryxkenshin’s video a warning before you watch, yet it has not given a statement about the controversy