These Five A24 movies should be on your radar if you have HBO Max

Daniel Rios, Staff Writer

What is A24, why are their films being added to HBO Max and should you watch them? A24 is a production studio that showcases independent films ranging from light-hearted films that connect to the audience to disturbing movies that will leave you questioning what just happened. Recently, 28 of A24’s films have found their way onto the streaming platform HBO Max for new viewers to watch. Out of those 28 films, here are five from the newcomers list that you might have to give a watch. 


Number 1: Lean on Pete: Taking place in our very own Portland, Oregon., we follow Charley Thompson (Charlie Plummer), as he works on a ranch he grows a special relationship with a racehorse. He soon finds out, though, that this old horse will soon be put down, so he decides to take his friend on an adventure to find a new place that they can call home.

Number 2: Mississippi Grind: We follow our main character (Ben Mendelsohn) who is dealing with a gambling addiction and in serious debt, when he meets his new lucky charm (Ryan Reynolds) to go down to New Orleans to take part in a high-stakes poker game.

Number 3: The Spectacular Now: We all know high school, a place where people find new friends and even lovers. In this film, we follow Sutter Keely (Miles Teller), as he one day wakes up in someone’s yard to meet his co-lead (Shailene Woodley), wondering why he is there. They talk to each other about their struggles at that moment and what is waiting for them after high school. We follow these two as their friendship starts to blossom into something more.

Number 4: Ex-Machina: If you want a movie that seems to make sense but somehow doesn’t, this movie might be right up your alley. We get to meet our lucky contest winner and protagonist Caleb Smith (Domhnall Gleeson), as he goes on a private, remote getaway with the CEO of the company he works for. He soon gets to meet the CEO’s newest creation, which turns out to be an AI robot that is more self-aware than they realized.  

Number 5: Amy:This documentary follows the late Amy Winehouse from the beginning of her career to the end, as we see her becoming famous and getting a lot of  recognition for who she is as a songwriter and singer. The film goes more in-depth about her struggles with substance abuse, her love life and the depression she went through.