Wolf staff provides tips for best-ever Halloween party


Graphic by Marcus Ludes.

Ahmed Altuhafi, Staff Writer

Every year, more people feel like they’ve gotten too old for the typical door-to-door trick-or-treating. Young adults ranging from high school to college age immediately turn to Halloween parties. It’s a great way to have your closest friends enjoy a Halloween night. 

Not everyone gets it right, though; the last thing you want is students coming back to school post-Halloween night expressing how lame they thought your old-fashioned party was. Here are some ways you can keep your Halloween party from ending up that way. 

Candy. Pretty straight forward. It wouldn’t feel like a Halloween party without sugary, sweet candy. Candy in bulk is a must if you want to set a good impression for a Halloween party. Where’s the fun without it? 

Candy treats are obviously important, but no one wants to go to a party to chew on candy all night. That’s where games come in. Parties are known for being a great place to meet new people and to spend time with your friends and loved ones, and there is no better way to do that than competing for the king-sized Twix candy bar that everyone wants to get their hands on. These games can range from two truths and a lie to the impossible cinnamon challenge. Whatever your heart desires. 

It wouldn’t feel like the spooky season without a spine-chilling movie to end off your night. This will get your friends screaming at the top of their lungs and looking away as a jump scare pops up on the screen. You can always go with a Halloween classic such as IT, which is a supernatural horror movie that will leave you squeezing your pillow, or you can try a less horrifying movie – Ghostbusters – for a more family-friendly movie about a group of scientists having a high-tech battle in order to defeat ghosts. 

These are some must haves during your party, but to top it off, the most important thing is to make your party your own. Have fun, be creative and make good choices!