Choosing homework or your fit?


Juliana Villanueva photographed by Isabella Kneeshaw.

Juliana Villanueva, Staff Writer

School: the place where everyone reflects their personalities through the attire they choose the night before (or in the morning). But organizing that perfect outfit of yours cost hours that were originally intended for finishing assignments. Was consuming all that time worth it? 

Spending time on choosing an outfit to please others is not worth it; instead, wearing something personally enjoyable is in your best interest. 

Students are already stressing over exams and their homework, and they should not be stressing over putting together an outfit for the following day. 

“Individuals feel they need to have a variety of outfit rotations to show they are fashionable and not boring,” The Pentucket Profile writer Hannah Linehan stated in their article. 

Being consistent with having a wide assortment of outfits every week should not be dwelled on; moreover, wearing something simple is just fine. 

Pushing classwork to the bottom of your to-do list is a recipe for trouble, and putting on something way out of your comfort zone is not advisable. For some people, taking little steps into new clothing styles can increase their comfort levels, but by embracing your level of comfort, you will be able to feel acceptance for yourself. Accepting your comfort level can get rid of certain anxieties. 

However, if picking the perfect outfit is non-negotiable whatsoever, plan your fit the night prior. Planning your fit in the morning right before school will only lead you to be late for your first class. So put on that hoodie of yours, the one you have been dying to wear, and finish your homework.