Meet the Wolf!

Teddy Fronczak, Entertainment Editor

The Wolf is TuHS’s school newspaper created by 31 passionate student journalists who write articles, make edits, create graphic art and design pages, all under the guidance of adviser Lisa Lacy. With three of the seven planned issues already complete staff members Shea Carlberg & Jacob Isaac shared their thoughts on the year thus far.


Question: What is your role on staff?

Shea Carlberg:I’m the Humor Editor and I also work as a graphic artist when needed.

Jacob Isaac:Staff Writer.


Q:What made you choose to join The Wolf staff?

SC:Well, both my siblings did it, so I was already really interested in joining, and I heard Mrs. Lacy was a really good teacher and really reaches out to students. I’ve also loved writing since a young age and always wrote stories to read to my parents, so to be part of a team that has that common interest is really great and a positive environment.

JI:Well, a lot of my friends forecasted for it, my sister did it doing her time at Tualatin, and I like writing about sports.


Q:What is your favorite section to write for and why?

SC:I obviously really love Humor and it’s really fun to write for, but also Feature because I think it’s really interesting to write about students around campus and things students our age have accomplished. It’s also an opportunity to find out what is happening around school.

JI:The Sports section because I love sports and my life revolves around them.


Q:What do you consider to be the hardest part of writing for The Wolf?

SC:I think the hardest part is being accurate to other people, making sure we say what they want to be said. If you’re writing about someone and their experience, it’s kind of hard to really get into that zone because you don’t know exactly what they went through and what happened, so it can be hard to get all the angles of it. People may be critical of our work, but working with that criticism and using it to better ourselves is crucial.

JI:Trying to focus and get work done while being surrounded in a class with so many of my friends.


Q: Do you have a favorite memory of being on staff?

SC:Paste-up last year because our Editors-in-Chief last year would always have such an amazing playlist, and we’d just be jamming out, eating brownies and getting to better know our fellow staff members.

JI:Probably paste-up nights because we eat a bunch of pizza, talk about life and do final edits on the paper before it goes to print.