The Wolf

2020-2021 Staff

Emma J Nelson


I am the Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Tualatin High School Wolf Staff. I was born in Peoria, Arizona, and did not move to Oregon until I was five. From a relatively young age I've enjoyed writing, and find that it makes me feel bette...

Teagan Gaviola


I'm Teagan, a senior, and this is my third year on The Wolf staff !!!! I'm editor-in-chief. I absolutely love writing, which is one of the main reasons why I joined the paper. I'm filipino and my family is from H...

Emily Phuong Tran

Feature Editor

Hi everyone! I'm Emily Phuong [Foo-ong] Tran. I go by she/her. I'm a junior at Tualatin, as well as the feature editor for The Wolf. My decision to join was from hearing wonderful things about the welcoming environment and th...

Mahathi Sridhar

Entertainment Editor

I'm Mahathi my pronouns are she/her, and I'm the entertainment editor. This is my second year on staff and I absolutely love it! I enjoy going on runs, finding good music, watching movies and hanging out with friends.

Halle Meslow

Fold Editor

Hi! My name is Halle and I’m a senior on the Wolf staff! This is my second year doing newspaper and this year I am the fold editor. I absolutely love writing and page design so it’s super awesome that I get to combine the...

Hannah Figueroa-Velazquez

Opinion Editor

I’m the opinion editor on staff and I’m so excited to be a part of the Wolf newspaper this year! I’ve always loved reading and writing so finding a class that allowed me to have complete creative freedom was amazing. Our...

Catherine Phipps

Humor Editor

My name is Cate, and I am the 2020-21 Humor section editor for The Wolf! I’m sorry if you don’t think I’m funny. I love Nature Valley chewy granola bars, going to track practice, watching basketball, and playing Uno. To...

Ella Davis

Web Editor

Hellooo! I'm Ella, a junior, and this is my second year on The Wolf staff! My life is all about writing as I work on novels and short stories in my free time. Newspaper means the world to me as I get to uplift the work of my fe...

Stella Fetherston

Art Editor

Hi, I’m Stella Fetherston, a junior and the art editor on staff. I joined newspaper a year ago because of my interest in writing, and I love the community I get to be a part of! I like to play volleyball, draw, and just vibe...

Ava Bruce

Staff Writer

Hi! I'm Ava, I'm a junior, and this is my first year as a staff writer for the TuHS Wolf. I joined newspaper because I love writing and I felt like newspaper would be the perfect creative outlet! Outside of school, I like to run,...

Dasan Zeller

Staff Writer

Ava Wittman

Staff Writer

I go by Ava or Ava Wittman. I've always greatly enjoyed writing and have been something of a news junkie so the newspaper is the perfect cross section! 

Claire Roach

Staff Writer

I'm Claire and I am a sophomore! This is my first year on staff, and I am so excited to keep the students of TuHS informed and interested. It is my goal to make sure that everyone feels accepted and valued. I love exploring the...

Rhys McLenithan

Staff Writer

Ethan Glick

Staff Writer

Amanda Fronczak

Staff Writer

Hello everyone! My name is Amanda Fronczak and I’m a sophomore on staff. I am so excited to be a part of The Wolf and keep the students at Tualatin informed and entertained! When I’m not writing stories, I’m the ASB treasu...

Joshua Fountain

Staff Writer

Taryn Coulson

Staff Writer

Hi, I’m Taryn, and I’m a junior at TuHS. This is my first year on staff. I decided to join newspaper because I love writing! In my free time I enjoy hiking, hanging out with friends and going for runs.

Cyrah Carlson

Staff Writer

I'm a sophomore and it's my first year with the newspaper. I decided to take newspaper because I love to write and I wanted to become more involved in TuHS!

Lily Bennett

Staff Writer

Hi there! My name is Lily and I’m a sophomore at TuHS. I decided to join newspaper this year after realizing I needed something new and interesting to focus on. In my freetime, I enjoy walking my dog, talking to my friends, ...

Maya Brisan

Staff Writer

Maya Brisan (she/her) I love reading and writing, which is one of the reasons I joined newspaper! It's my second year on staff and I love it! Everyone is so nice, and we all work together really well. I love spending time o...

Sean Khanna

Staff Writer

Hey, I'm Sean, and this is my second year as a junior on the Wolf staff! I've always enjoyed reading and writing, and newspaper allows me to express my opinions to others. In my free time, I love playing tennis, speedcubing,...

Kayla Wolf

Staff Writer

Hi, I'm Kayla and I'm a staff writer this year. This is my second year on newspaper staff! I started writing when I was seven and have had a passion for writing short stories and articles ever since. I joined Newspaper my soph...

Naiya Gates

Staff Writer

Hey, I’m Naiya, and I am a junior. This is my second year as a staff writer for The Wolf. I am so thankful for the opportunity that Newspaper has given me to share my opinions and help others feel heard as well.

Raymond Arias

Staff Writer

Hi there! My name is Raymond Arias and I’m a senior on the staff. This is my second year as part of newspaper and I have loved every second of it. Being able to write alongside some of the funniest, most genuine, and hardworking...

Cassia Tippett

Bilingual Editor

Eat cookies, ski fast, gravity works!

Shea Carlberg

Copy Editor

My name is Shea, I’m a senior and this is my third year on staff. I am the Copy Editor. I love reading, writing, and editing papers, and hope to incorporate writing in my further education. I have been an ASB off...

Evan Frazier

Sports Editor

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