The Wolf

Meet The Wolf: Co-Editors Elle and Kaitlyn say goodbye

Stella Fetherston, Staff Writer

July 8, 2020

This edition’s “Meet The Wolf” focuses on Elle Sherman and Kaitlyn Gearin, our current editors-in-chief. Even though it’s hard to say good-bye to our seniors, read on as these two share their experiences, laughs and good...

Exchange students depart early due to Covid-19

Cassia Tippett, Staff Writer

July 8, 2020

2020 has been such a mess: the coronavirus, killer bees, UFOs, a parallel universe and that’s not even the start. Due to the coronavirus, everything was cut short—even the exchange students’ year abroad; for the remainder...

Valedictorians on highs, lows of TuHS careers

Lupita Ruiz, Feature Editor

July 8, 2020

The Wolf caught up with this year’s valedictorians for a Q & A! Q: What are your plans after graduation? Sarah Jones: I plan to attend Indiana University - Bloomington in the fall to study Marketing! Lachlan Paige: ...

Miller retires after 19 years of teaching art at TuHS

Kaitlyn Gearin, Editor-in-Chief

June 19, 2020

Jeannine Miller, one of Tualatin’s art teachers for the past 19 years, is retiring.  Miller started teaching at TuHS in 2001. She spent the 2012-13 school year teaching at Twality Middle School, and after that year she...

Valued TuHS staff retires

Emily phuong Tran

May 26, 2020

Social distancing has brought a strange and somber end to a chapter in the lives of many graduates, as well as those of the school staff retiring.  After 12 years, Donna DeLuca is saying goodbye to the Timberwolves. As a boo...

How to support local business admist pandemic

Stella Fetherston

April 24, 2020

Local businesses are struggling through stay-at-home orders, but if you have the means, still using their services could help small businesses regain their footing. Coronavirus is putting local shops and restaurants at risk f...

How Coronavirus is affecting one elder across the globe

Maya Brisan

April 20, 2020

COVID-19 has spread around the globe, causing a worldwide pandemic that reaches into every corner and affects everyone. My grandmother lives all by herself in the Bucharest, the capital of Romania, and she is also struggling with...

Climate Corner

Sean Khanna

April 6, 2020

The effects of climate change are more rampant than ever in today’s modern world. It is regarded as the world’s most pressing issue, as it is the cause of ice melting, negative effects on wildlife and their habitats, droughts, h...

Mr. and Ms. T contestant interviews

Raymond Arias

April 6, 2020

Mr. & Ms. T Contestant Interview If you’re new to the Tualatin High School and the Mr. & Mr. Timberwolf, read the article on page five to learn what it is. If you are already know what it is, here is a Q&A with...

Meet the Wolf: Emily and Hannah

Mahathi Sridhar

April 6, 2020

For this month’s Meet The Wolf, I caught up with two of The Wolf’s coolest gals. Sophomores Hannah Figueroa and Emily Tran talk everything from relationships to food in this edition of Meet The Wolf!   Q: Why did you join the news...

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