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Senior Issue – June 2021 Pages
Booster Shots
Atticus Chames, Staff Writer • October 21, 2021

With students and teachers returning to the classroom as we enter the 2021-2022 school year, many people at Tualatin High School are curious how the US and its school systems are...

Gabby Petito case stuns the internet
Lucy Lyons, Staff Writer • October 11, 2021

In July 2021, Gabby Petito and her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, left for their four-month cross-country van trip. On Sept. 19, Petito’s remains were found in Grand Teton National...

Nabisco workers strike against unfair treatment and unsafe conditions
Ryan Ehrhart, Opinion Editor • October 5, 2021

Workers at Nabisco – the brand that produces Oreos and Ritz Crackers– recently ended a five-week strike protesting unfair treatment and unsafe working conditions. About 1,000...

Attempt to recall California governor results in special recall
Maya Brisan, Staff Writer • October 4, 2021

California citizens tried to recall Governor Gavin Newsom this year, and it brought a lot of interest to the state. California is one of the few states that makes it incredibly...

Few students don’t follow mask rules
Juliana Villanueva, Staff Writer • October 18, 2021

Peers and teachers alike are glad that communities have transitioned from webcam lessons to in-person classes, but now that Governor Kate Brown has mandated masks statewide, some...

SEL Pack Time—Students unsure of Pack Time program’s effectiveness
Amy Kang, Staff Writer • October 11, 2021

Have you been feeling overwhelmed, stressed or worried? Well, you’re not alone. With in-person school back in session, anxiety levels are higher than ever. To counteract this,...

Tualatin’s early birds out of luck
Cyrah Carlson, Asst. Fold Editor • October 7, 2021

This 2021-22 school year, the early bird does not catch the worm. From the previous 8:05 a.m.-3:05 p.m. bell schedule, Tualatin and Tigard high schools are now given nearly an...

Local cafes provide new places to study
Local cafes provide new places to study
Taryn Coulson, Sports Editor • October 6, 2021

Looking for a new place to study this school year? Look no further. These three local businesses might be exactly what you’re searching for. Doja Tea Lounge: Tucked away near...

Movie theaters, concerts reimagined in global pandemic
Kayla Wolf, Staff Writer

2020 has been eventful to say the least, but a much-needed dose of positivity and hope was provided by the entertainment industry. From new albums...

TuHS athletic pay-to-play policy says hello to goodbye
Simon Phipps, Staff Writer • October 11, 2021

Athletes will no longer be charged for extra curricular activities this 2021-22 school year and likely for school years to come.  For...

Water polo season begins with multiple overtimes
Akash Balakumara, Staff Writer • October 11, 2021

After a year of playing with COVID rules like no physical contact between players, the Tualatin boys’ varsity water polo team started off the...

Three Rivers League football kicks off
Anna Sherman, Sports Editor • October 6, 2021

Here’s how Tualatin stacks up   As the football season rolls around, The Wolf is taking a look at the teams in the Three Rivers...

Costco refuses service to high schoolers without cards
Cristian Hernandez, Staff Writer

There's no other feeling like craving Costco pizza after hours of not eating and waiting for lunch. That is, until you get to Costco and realize...

Mullets leave us scratching our heads
Olivia Trone, Bilingual Editor

You know what they say: history repeats itself. That’s true for many things, but especially when it comes to fashion and, in particular, hairstyles.  The...

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