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Photo by Olivia Beauchemin
A letter of advice: Four things I would’ve told myself before my four years of high school
Jordan Anderson, Staff Writer

Now that my senior year is coming to an end, I’ve begun to reminisce on my past four years spent in classrooms, study rooms and the school...

Photo by Daisy Valencia
Why participating in activities was the best choice I have ever made
Juliana Villanueva, Sports Editor

People say to join a sport or an extracurricular to build a stronger college resumé, but after four years of attending Tualatin High School,...

Photo by Celia Whitaker
High school provides chance to find your place
Rachael Ann Sanford, Staff Writer

Without realizing, we feel and experience things we don’t know are making us who we are. Being lost in the moment or not thinking much of it...

Photo by Lisa Garpestad
Reasons to love handmade gifts
Emma Regimbald, Staff Writer

Whenever the opportunity arises for gift giving, I am extremely happy to both give and receive presents, no matter what they are. However, I...

Photo by Samantha Dunn
Perfect farmers markets make summer days sweet
Sam Dunn, Art, Bilingual & Photo Editor

If you're looking for a weekend getaway, visiting the lively farmers markets around Portland is a perfect way to start. From March through December,...

Find some hidden gems in Oregon
Anthony Yac, Staff Writer

As the sky clears up and the sun starts shining on us, the urge to do something outdoors is strong. There are a bunch of things to do here in...

Graduating students get excited for upcoming senior trips
Sam Dunn, Art, Bilingual & Photo Editor

To mark the end of a wonderful yet terribly long four years of your life, summer calls for a new beginning, bringing change and hope for wherever...

Art by Lea Olivares Raudes
Summer music: what you should be expecting
Lea Olivares Raudes, Staff Writer

Summer is a moment of our lives that brings plenty of optimism and brightness. This can be seen in the way we act,feel, dress, in the things...

Art by Frida Ruiz
Student-led university protests prompt backlash from police
Frida Ruiz, Staff writer • June 4, 2024

As Israel’s assault on Gaza entered its seventh active month in April, students in the U.S. assembled Gaza-solidarity encampments at countless universities from coast to coast....

Art by Parker Morgan
Portlandiers get excited about new, improved PDX terminal
Marc Khanna, Copy Editor • June 4, 2024

News of the new and upgraded Portland International Airport (PDX) terminal has been circulating in the Portland community for months. Recently, they announced that it will finally...

Beloved teachers finally ditch school calendar
Evelyn Rusnac, Staff writer • June 4, 2024

At this time in the school year, the focus is all on the seniors, the students who have spent four years doing amazing things and who are now leaving. However, we want to take...

Valedictorians overcome challenges to finish strong
Kayla Vo, Copy Editor • June 4, 2024

As the school year ends, our semester grades arrive and all seniors are about to finalize their official high school transcript. Of the 408 Tualatin High School (TuHS) graduating...

Redirection to College Rejections
Alyssa Diaz, Feature Editor

The Class of 2024 is getting closer and closer every day to the finish line of high school. Everything that seniors have worked for leads up...

Perseverance is key when navigating change
Evelyn Rusnac, Staff Writer

“I give up” is a phrase I hate. It means failure, and even though failure is a natural part of life – even a healthy thing – I still...

Sustainability confronts American materialism
Liam Frith, Entertainment Editor

The American spirit seems preoccupied with an unending cultural drive for expansion, stimulation and acquisition. In every realm of society and...

Phenomenal senior athletes leave mark on TuHS
Daisy Valencia, Staff Writer • June 4, 2024

This ‘23-’24 school year has showcased the talents of our student-athletes in their sports. As we approach graduation, it’s important to...

School records and massive personal bests set as Girls’ track team takes third in state
Alex Ehrhart, Sports Editor • June 4, 2024

Track state is a competition where athletes leave everything they have on the field, often setting personal records or school records, performing...

Art by Parker Morgan
Men’s tri-country World Cup is much anticipated by fans
Andrew Gerlach, Staff Writer • June 4, 2024

The 2026 World Cup is anticipated to be a record-breaking event; it’s the first-ever World Cup to be hosted in three countries: the United...

Art by Lea Olivares Raudes
Graduation: the only verified cure for senioritis
Victoria Gillard, Humor Editor

It is officially that time of year, when chronic senioritis will finally be cured. Walking (or tripping) across the stage with a diploma in hand...

Photo by Lisa Lacy
Stages of Senioritis on full display among upperclassmen
Makayla Simonelic, Staff Writer

February: the month the dust settles. The end of first semester is also the beginning of disappearing seniors. It’s a pandemic that wipes schools...

Photo by Karys Gates
Senior Assassin: not for the faint of heart
Victoria Gillard, Humor Editor

Towards the end of every school year, seniors begin the highly-anticipated event that causes severe stress and anxiety among students as they...