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Photo by Olivia Beauchemin
The importance of physical media
Rachael Ann Sanford, Staff Writer

I always resort to DVDs, CDs and game discs when I don’t have a signal, but I always forget physical media's significance. Buying movies and...

Photo by Olivia Beauchemin
Slowcore hints at current cultural position
Liam Frith, Entertainment Editor

At a Duster concert last July, I struggled to find a single person over the age of 21. But how could Duster, a band whose tone-setting album...

Photo by Olivia Beauchemin
Top hiking spots to explore for the perfect spring day
Sam Dunn, Art, Bilingual & Photo Editor

As the temperatures start to rise and winter depression begins to subside, it’s time to find the best places to enjoy the outdoors. Over the...

Ramadan: more than just a fast
Ahmed Altuhafi, Feature Editor

Abstaining from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset; that’s what comes to mind when some people think of Ramadan. Non-Muslims often...

Art by Frida Ruiz
Explaining British royal family amidst Princess of Wales’ cancer diagnosis
Olivia Trone, Editor-in-Chief

The British royal family stands as an enduring symbol of tradition and national pride.  For much of the 20th century and the first 20...

Art by Frida Ruiz
Screen Door offers perfect brunch experience
Karys Gates, Fold Editor

There’s never a shortage of brunch options in the Portland Area. Instead, a plethora of brunch cuisines to choose from can be found. Whether...

Photo by Samantha Dunn
Oregonians excited for annual tulip festival
Jordan Anderson, Staff Writer

Every spring, the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm hosts the annual Tulip Festival. Located in Woodburn, the festival showcases millions of vibrant tulips,...

Photo by Zelda Zamora-Villa
Portland’s own Japanese Garden blooms for spring!
Zelda Zamora-Villa, Staff Writer

During late March and early April, the Japanese Gardens’ “Weeping Cherry” tree is in full bloom, drawing native Oregonians as well as many...

TTSD on hunt for new superintendent
Daisy Valencia, Staff Writer • May 21, 2024

Dr. Sue Rieke-Smith will step down as superintendent of the Tigard-Tualatin School District on June 30.  For almost six years, Rieke-Smith has served the Tigard-Tualatin...

Oregon witnesses partial solar eclipse
Emma Regimbald, Staff Writer • May 21, 2024

A total eclipse was visible in parts of the US, Canada and Mexico on April 8, 2024. While this event is similar to the 2017 eclipse, Oregon wasn't able to see nearly as much of...

Photo by Lynn Howlett
Oregon House of Representatives member, TuHS alum Ben Bowman reflects on 2024 legislative session
Olivia Trone, Editor-In-Chief • May 22, 2024

House District 25 Representative Ben Bowman is a Democratic member of the House of Representatives. Bowman is a Tualatin High School grad who served as the Tigard-Tualatin School...

Art by Parker Morgan
Learn how to support autistic individuals during Autism Acceptance Month
Daisy Valencia, Staff Writer • May 22, 2024

This April is recognized as Autism Acceptance Month. If you haven’t already taken the time to learn, then use this month to start educating yourself about autistic people’s...

Redirection to College Rejections
Alyssa Diaz, Feature Editor

The Class of 2024 is getting closer and closer every day to the finish line of high school. Everything that seniors have worked for leads up...

Perseverance is key when navigating change
Evelyn Rusnac, Staff Writer

“I give up” is a phrase I hate. It means failure, and even though failure is a natural part of life – even a healthy thing – I still...

Sustainability confronts American materialism
Liam Frith, Entertainment Editor

The American spirit seems preoccupied with an unending cultural drive for expansion, stimulation and acquisition. In every realm of society and...

Arte por Frida Ruiz
Messi se une a la Major League Soccer
Ahmed Altuhafi, Feature Editor • May 22, 2024

El futbolista argentino Lionel Messi anunció que llegaría al Inter Miami y se uniría a la Major League Soccer (MLS) el 7 de junio de 2023....

Art by Lea Olivares Raudes
Men’s March Madness tournament brings excitement to fans
Andrew Gerlach, Staff Writer • May 22, 2024

The 2023-2024 college basketball season was predictable if a fan were to glance at the preseason rankings and the results of it all. University...

Photo courtesy of Justin Lim
Dance team finishes season strong
Emma Regimbald, Staff Writer • May 22, 2024

Recently, Tualatin Dance competed at the OSAA Championships, placing second in the 6A Jazz division and fourth in the 6A Hip Hop division. After...

Photo by Lisa Lacy
Stages of Senioritis on full display among upperclassmen
Makayla Simonelic, Staff Writer

February: the month the dust settles. The end of first semester is also the beginning of disappearing seniors. It’s a pandemic that wipes schools...

Photo by Karys Gates
Senior Assassin: not for the faint of heart
Victoria Gillard, Humor Editor

Towards the end of every school year, seniors begin the highly-anticipated event that causes severe stress and anxiety among students as they...

Would you fight Mike Tyson? 
Anthony Yac, Staff Writer

If you were offered $10 million, would you fight Iron Mike Tyson in the boxing ring?   I believe most people would say no because...