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Sam Dunn photographed by Isabella Kneeshaw.
More time, resources needed to make most of nuclear fusion breakthrough
Sam Dunn, Staff Writer

(Please do not attempt at home) World Destruction: Burn coal or oil to create heat. This is turned into steam to drive turbines, which generate...

Division, not substitution, encourages school/life balance
The Wolf Staff

It’s the night before a big assignment is due, and your computer shuts down. It won’t turn on for the rest of the night, so you accept defeat...

Ethan Glick photographed by Isabella Kneeshaw.
Value of faith is in community, support
Ethan Glick, Entertainment Editor

My spirituality and ideas regarding faith are complicated. I've always believed in some force or being that is higher and greater than myself....

Frida Ruiz photographed by Isabella Kneeshaw.
Gentrification of thrifting: is it ethical to buy, resell?
Frida Ruiz, Staff Writer

TikTok has started many trends these past two years, especially clothing micro-trends. With the constant consummation of fast fashion, thrifting...

Fresh playlist goes along with your spring cleaning
Claire Roach and Peyton Anderson

As you get into the spring spirit, it is important to have a playlist that keeps you happy and afloat. If you plan on doing some cleaning, it's...

Graphic by Marcus Ludes.
2023’s most anticipated films head to theaters
Marcus Ludes, Staff Writer

Coming off of 2022’s somewhat underwhelming catalog of movies, many people are looking towards the new year to bring in a much better and more...

Graphic by Marcus Ludes.
New games hit market as fans clamor for more
Daniel Rios, Staff Writer

The game awards happened in December of last year, and a whole bunch of games were either announced or received an update on their stage of production....

Graphic by Marcus Ludes.
DC leadership shift leads to big shake up
Ethan Glick, Entertainment Editor

The hierarchy of power in the DC executive office has changed. As of Oct. 5, James Gunn, director of the Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide...

Previewing the candidates for the 2024 presidential election
Marc Khanna, Staff Writer • March 20, 2023

With less than two years to go until the 2024 presidential election, candidates are making their announcements to get as many supporters as possible. Many controversial and debatable...

Despite approval from voters, Measure 114 is still in limbo
Naasei Lynn, Staff Writer • March 18, 2023

After a narrow victory in the 2022 midterm elections, the implementation of Measure 114, a bill adding new restrictions to firearms permits and restricting sale of high-capacity...

Photo by Clare Sherman.
Symposium Coffee provides great hangout option for students
Clare Sherman, Staff Writer • March 20, 2023

Sometimes we need an energy boost to start our school day, and coffee is the best way to stay awake in class while also supporting a local business. Symposium Coffee is a small...

Photo Courtesy of Tualatin Theatre Department.
Theatre students debut spring musical Little Shop of Horrors
Karys Gates, Feature Editor • March 20, 2023

After watching the last jaw-dropping performance by the theater department, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, our standards are high. This spring musical,Little Shop of Horrors, is...

Graphic by Isabella Kneeshaw.
Students share advice for positive mental health in all seasons
Kayla Vo, Staff Writer

Winter is full of it all: happy holidays, snow, short days, lack of energy and a craving for the sun. As the seasons come and go, our mental...

Graphic by Isabella Kneeshaw.
New Semester creates opportunity for thought and improvement
Olivia Beauchemin, Staff Writer

You made it! Semester one finals are over and now it's smooth least for a little while. Coming off of the new year and the past...

Graphic by Isabella Kneeshaw.
Changing your perspective can lead to inner healing
Frida Ruiz, Staff Writer

When I was first introduced to the process of grief, I thought that the five stages –  denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance...

Photo by Madison Tenneson of TuHS cheer celebrating USA
National win.
Cheer wins nationals for first time since ‘98
Victoria Gillard, Sports Editor • March 19, 2023

Tualatin cheer capped off an incredible season of numerous first place wins in their Varsity Coed division and even achieved the Grand Champs...

Photo by Ralph Greene of Senior Maya Loudd taking the ball down the field.
Senior athletes make college commitments
Tullia Salboro, Staff Writer • March 19, 2023

For senior athletes the year has been full of bittersweet final games, senior nights, scouting, recruitment trips and the never-ending list of...

Graphic by Peyton Anderson.
College basketball’s biggest tournament excites fans
Marc Khanna, Staff Writer • March 19, 2023

March 12 and 14 sparked the beginning of the highly-anticipated time for basketball fans: March Madness! These yearly NCAA men's and women's...

Art by Claire Roach & Isabella Kneeshaw.
First annual Wolf caption contest makes its debut
Claire Roach and Isabella Kneeshaw

We took to Instagram to ask our loyal followers the perfect words to sum up this situation. What worlds could possibly encompass one of the most...

Graphic by Marcus Ludes.
“What’s poppin’?” Jack Harlow or Pop-Corners?
Simon Phipps, Co-News-Editor

Football fans watch the Super Bowl for two reasons only: the ads and the advertisements. First, let’s talk about the triangle. No, not the...

Playing games in class is the best reason to attend school
Marcus Ludes, Staff Writer

Listening to your teacher talk on and on can leave you feeling groggy, so what better way to pass time in class than playing games on your computer?...