Tualatin students advocate for kindness

Olivia Seits, Staff Writer

We interviewed four students here at TuHS to learn about how they promote kindness and how all students alike can show small acts of kindness to brighten someone’s day.

Aaron Lakeman, freshman:

Aaron Lakeman

How do you stay positive?

“By working out and hanging out with friends.”

What are some simple ways to show kindness?

“Opening doors for people, picking up and throwing away other people’s trash, and asking people how their day was.”

With this being your first year in high school, do you feel this is a more positive atmosphere than middle school?

“I feel like this atmosphere is more positive because there is a lot more involvement. With being in ASB, we try to reach out to everyone and make sure all students feel included.”

What are some clubs to get involved in that actively encourage kindness?

“Key Club, HOSA, bird watching, and chess seems cool.”

Noah Gilbertson, sophomore:

Noah Gilbertson

How do you promote kindness at TuHS?

“I encourage students. Working with ASB allows me to have an outlet in which I can increase school spirit and positivity within the school.”

How do you see others promoting kindness in the hallways?

“Last year, people put kindness sticky notes on lockers, which is pretty cool. Also, I sometimes see someone who dropped something and another person picks it up for them or a students goes to sit with another student who is alone, which is always nice to see.”

Do you think TuHS students need to be kinder to one another?

“I think there is definitely a lack of kindness in some areas of the school where some people disregard the feelings of others, but overall I feel like people are kind when they want to be; they just choose not to be. If people aren’t kind, people won’t want to come to school. There is always room for improvement.”

Lily Hughes, junior:

Do you think TuHS students need to be more kind to one another?

“As high schoolers, we are prone to drama and losing sight of the relationships that are important to us in a spur of the moment argument. High school can be stressful, and when people are stressed they often take it out on those around them. It is far easier to say the first thing that p

Lily Hughes

ops into our heads, rather than taking a moment to step back and consider potential impacts.”

As one of the founding members of the Kindness Club, how do you want to make a positive impact on today’s youth?

“Our main goal in Kindness Club is making everyone feel included through kind words and actions. Almost every high schooler has felt excluded or like they don’t belong at some point, and our goal is to try and limit that as much as possible. Even minimal change is preferable to no change.”

How do you stay positive?

“When I feel negative, my first step is usually to start to complain about how everything in my life is terrible and this is the worst day ever. However, I know neither of those things are true. This year, I have been working on forcing myself to pause, step back, and look at the big picture.”

Emma Koemhstedt, senior:

How do you see others promoting kindness in the hallways?

“I see many students smiling and greeting their peers in the hallways. I also see students giving hugs, compliments, and holding doors for other students.”

Emma Koemhstedt


What are some simple ways to show kindness?

“One easy way to show kindness is by smiling and saying hello to someone in the hallway. In the classroom or in extracurricular activities, making sure that everyone feels included and welcome is really important. Just a small compliment will brighten someone’s day as well!”

As an upperclassman, do you feel that the older students are influencing the underclassmen in a positive way?

“This year, I feel like many upperclassmen have had a positive influence on the underclassman. I have seen many older students including younger students in their conversations and activities. This year’s graduating class has demonstrated both hard work and kindness, and have set a great example for the underclassmen to follo