Bryant inspired generation

Jake Lofamia

“A 6-6 guard from Lower Merion High School in his 20th season, No. 24, Kobe Bryant!”

There will never be enough words to express the greatness of Kobe Bryant and the legacy he left for the world.

Bryant was the definition of determination and hard work. Throughout his life, basketball was his passion. It was what he was around his whole life, especially as the son of a professional basketball player. He immediately became a star at Lower Merion High School and made a name for himself. His play on the court caught the eyes of the nation and brought enough attention for everybody to notice how special he was about to become.

In 1996, he chose to enter the NBA draft and forgo college to pursue his dream in the NBA. After being selected by the Charlotte Hornets and getting traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, his legacy began to unfold.

His career was phenomenal – one of the greatest, period.

He reached monumental achievements that other players could only dream of. To list a few, Bryant won five championships, earned an NBA-record 15 selections for All-NBA teams and 12 for All-Defensive teams. The man was a Laker legend who bled purple and gold.

Yet throughout everything he achieved on the court, his accomplishments off the court were perhaps the largest impact he made. Throughout his life, he developed this idea of what is iconically known as the “Mamba Mentality.” With this, he captivated the minds of his generation and the next, as they reached to be the best they possibly could be in every aspect of their lives. Bryant embodied the idea of hard work and how enough really is never enough. He inspired the minds of his fans to be determined at what they do and to outwork their competition.

Kobe Bryant and his impact go beyond the measures of basketball, and his legacy will live on forever.