Overheard at band camp

Ella Davis, Staff Writer

Band Student #1: Ooh, I can’t wait for symphony rehearsal… Said no one ever.

Band Student #2: Ugh, I know. Can Chamber play in tune for once?

Orchestra Student: Yeah, hopefully Wind can actually count this time, too.


Orchestra Student #1: Why does everybody keep saying Y.O.L.O.? I thought that died in 2016.

Orchestra Student #2: It stands for you obviously love orchestra.

Orchestra Student #1: Oh. Then my acronym should be I.R.L.O.B.I.A.W.T.T.B.S.B.T.G.T.P.P.M.F.P.G.A.W.D.

Orchestra Student #2: What does that stand for?

Orchestra #1: I really love orchestra but I also want to try band sometime because they get to play pop music for pep games and we don’t.

Band Student #1: Ha ha, pep band? You mean the bane of my existence?


Band Student #1: I really envy orchestra kids.

Band Student #2: Why?

Band Student #1: They can scream when the mess up without having to stop playing their instrument.

Orchestra Student #1: That’s a lie. Clarinet players do that all the time. 


Student #1: I’ve been practicing at least an hour a day on all my pieces. My phrasing has gotten so good!

Student #2: One? Only one? I’ve practiced for forty hours and it’s only noon.

Student #1: Hey, what about you?

Student #3: Practice? Don’t know her.


Student #1: Dude, this is going to be the best retreat yet! I have snacks, the best people in my cabin, a WiFi router to spite Dellerba and stuff for Ron’s birthday.

Student #2: Did you remember your instrument?

Student #1: I’ve made a mistake.