How Coronavirus is affecting one elder across the globe

Maya Brisan, Staff Writer

COVID-19 has spread around the globe, causing a worldwide pandemic that reaches into every corner and affects everyone. My grandmother lives all by herself in the Bucharest, the capital of Romania, and she is also struggling with the uncertainty of this worldwide pandemic.


Interview with Margareta Brisan (translated from Romanian to English):

How are you feeling during quarantine?

I have to say good in order to make myself believe it. I need to keep having hope. No one feels good, but we search for activities and hope that we are able to escape this soon.

How are you staying busy?

I listen to music that I like. I also look out my window to see the trees that are beginning to flower. I talk to my friends often also. I watch tv often, but I try to avoid the news as much as I can because it stresses me out. I usually watch comedies or singing shows.

How are you getting food and other things?

I have a young neighbor, a mother who just moved in, and she goes to the store once a week. The day before she calls me – she doesn’t know my name and I don’t know hers – and she asks me if there is anything I need from the store. It is such a blessing to have this help from a complete stranger. Her kindness shows that the virus is bringing out the best in people. Older people are only allowed to go to the store for two hours: 11-1. If they find you out at a time other than that you get fined.

What do your friends say about this situation?

Even my friends aren’t too happy about the situation. I have one friend that Skypes her grandchildren every night for an hour. 


Even though everyone is scared and unsure during these few months, this situation has also brought out the kindness in others, and people all around the world are finding ways to cope and distract themselves.