Celebs giving back during these trying times

Kaitlyn Gearin, Editor-in-Chief

With the coronavirus affecting people around the world, many individuals and organizations have stepped up to help others in their community through generous donations, volunteering and raising money to support charities that are working to protect people around the world during this time. 


First, many celebrities have stepped up to help the fight against COVID-19 and support their local and national community. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively donated a total of $1 million to Feeding America and Food Banks Canada. Rihanna has donated $5 million to various organizations in the US, Caribbean and Africa. Other celebrities have donated much needed meals to food banks; Modern Family actor Eric Stonestreet donated 200,000 meals to No Kid Hungry, and Russel Wilson and wife Ciara donated 1 million meals to a Seattle food bank. 


Additionally, actresses Jennifer Garner and Amy Adams have started an initiative called “Save with Stories,” where celebrities are reading children’s books for a good cause. Their initiative has provided a helpful resource for young children whose schools have been closed due to the coronavirus while also raising money for organizations that are working to help the community through this time. The Save with Stories Instagram profile is filled with posts from many celebrities, including Ellen, Ryan Seacrest, Zoe Saldana and Chip and Joanna Gaines, reading children’s books and encouraging viewers to donate to the Save with Stories partnership with Save the Children and No Kid Hungry. These organizations are providing educational resources and food to the many children who receive both from their schools during the extended school closures. 


Also, many national companies have taken action to provide for the country in this time of need. Companies including New Balance, Ford and Fanatics have transitioned to producing masks and hospital equipment in their factories. New Balance has repurposed materials for their shoes like laces and various shoe fabrics to make masks, while Fanatics paused production of official MLB jerseys and is now using the material to make masks and gowns for hospitals. Ford has partnered with GE and 3M to produce masks, respirators and ventilators that have been given to those on the frontlines fighting the virus. 

Locally, the Tigard Tualatin School District has set up Packed with Pride, an effort to support those in need in the TTSD community. Packed with Pride has been collecting food donations from people in the community, and sorting and distributing them to families in need in the school district. If you are interested in volunteering or donating to Packed with Pride, visit https://packed-with-pride-tigard-tualatin.square.site/. Along with online monetary donations, Packed with Pride accepts donations of non-perishable food, sanitation supplies and packaging supplies such as boxes, packing tape and Ziploc bags.