Meet the Wolf: Teagan Gaviola, editor-in-chief

Taryn Coulson, Staff Writer

In this edition of Meet the Wolf, I caught up with one of this year’s co-editors-in chief, Teagan Gaviola, as she talked about her experience being on the staff and her love for writing and journalism.


Q: What or who inspired you to start writing?

A: I’m not sure I was inspired by anyone or anything in particular. I think the reason why I can’t pinpoint an exact cause is because I’ve always loved stories—whether I’m reading them, telling them or writing them. There are things in my life, however, that have inspired me to keep writing. Losing your passions is never fun, and it’s even worse when you start to realize that your enjoyment is slowly diminishing. Many people experience this in life, and I have, too. Writing has always been an outlet for me, but at one point in time, it began to feel like a chore. Journalism, however, was something that helped me find my spark again; joining our newspaper made me want to write more than ever. Thereafter, I found inspiration in the smallest of things—the sun shining through my window in the morning or a leaf falling off a tree. I found inspiration in the mundane, which was refreshing after feeling like I was burnt out for years on end. Although at times, I feel the burn-out slowly creeping back in, certain things in my life will spark up my passion again. Now, I see my own life as inspiration. I’m not sure if that’s self-centered or what, but it’s the truth. The thought of me existing here on Earth without doing what I love sounds absolutely dreadful, so giving myself a reason to do what I love, even if that reason is my own existence, is what I want to continue to do.


Q: When did you start writing for The Wolf?

A: I started writing for The Wolf when I was a sophomore. I originally didn’t forecast for the class (I had placed it as one of my alternates), but my freshman year journalism teacher provided a recommendation for me to be in newspaper, so I was miraculously placed on the staff. Looking back on it, I’m incredibly grateful that such a happy accident occurred because I would not be the same person I am today without newspaper. 🙂


Q: Which recent article was the most fun to write and why? 

A: My article “BTS’s ‘Dynamite’ explodes on charts, skyrockets through new record after record” was definitely the most fun I had while writing an article because I’ve loved BTS for such a long time. In my article, I was able to discuss the achievements of people whom I look up to and also address issues within the Western music industry, namely xenophobia and racism. Because these are things I’m passionate about, it’s no surprise that I had so much fun writing it! In a way, BTS has inspired me to keep writing through their music and lyricism (the song “Black Swan,” specifically, inspired me the most because its lyrics were so fitting for my situation with my passions—you should give it a listen :D). I appreciate their artistry so much, so I am very happy with the fact that I was able to write an article about them.


Q: What’s it like to be an editor-in-chief?

A: Since the start of my career as a writer for The Wolf, I’ve always wanted to be an editor-in-chief, so the fact that I’m currently one for our paper is somewhat surreal. There are so many things I love about being an editor-in-chief—I honestly don’t think I can find anything that I truly dislike about it. Yes, it is a very big responsibility and sometimes the stress is a lot to handle, but that’s what I signed up for. Emma J (our other editor-in-chief) and I have definitely spent some late nights editing articles, finishing pages and discussing stressful issues that pertain to our paper. In this position, you can definitely feel the responsibilities you have since it’s our job to provide stability and support for our staff. However, I’m glad that I have these big responsibilities because journalism and The Wolf are both things I genuinely care about, so I want to put as much heart and soul into it as I can. What’s so great about this position, in my opinion, are the relationships I’ve built with my fellow staff members and our adviser, Mrs. Lacy. I’ve created so many beautiful relationships this year as Editor-in-Chief, and I’ve definitely strengthened some as well, specifically with my Co-Editor-in-Chief Emma J! I love our staff so much and I care about every single one of them. We’re like a little family, and I couldn’t appreciate them more.


Q: Is journalism a career you want to pursue?

A: I’ve always considered journalism as a career; however, I’m actually hoping to go into law. I do want to look into journalism programs once I get into college and perhaps even join my university’s newspaper. I truly love what I’m doing right now for our paper, so I’m hoping I’ll continue this journey into college.


Q: Besides writing for The Wolf, what are some other things you’re involved in at TuHS?

A: Outside of the newspaper, I dedicated most of my time and focus on basketball the past few years. I’m on our school’s girls’ varsity basketball team, and I’ve been playing with the majority of my teammates since I was young. I love my team loads, and I love the sport just as much. However, with COVID-19 and the rising number of cases in the US, our district’s athletics have been postponed and the chance that we’ll get a season is unsure. Because of this, I haven’t been able to put nearly as much time into basketball as I used to, so I’m focusing mostly on my IB courses and newspaper right now!