NBA All-Star Game happens despite COVID-19

Evan Frazier, Sports Editor

All-Star weekend: the event where new stars are born, old stars have fun and fans enjoy. This All-Star weekend was nothing shy of great, having the top 24 players in the league battle it out on two separate teams. 

The game was obviously amazing, showcasing the top players and their separate skills. At the final buzzer, Team LeBron won the game 170-150 over Team Durant. Kevin Durant sat out this game because of a hamstring injury. In the first quarter, Team LeBron outscored Team Durant 40-39; this game had serious down-to-the-wire hope. Golden State’s very own Stephen Curry finished the first quarter with 12 points.

In the second quarter, Team LeBron blew Team Durant out of the water, outscoring them 60-41 in the second quarter alone. Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo still hasn’t missed in this game. At half time, Portland Trail Blazers guard Anfernee Simons won the dunk contest with the “Almost Kissed” dunk. Great contest to watch at halftime. 

Team LeBron kept on dominating this entire game, outscoring Team Durant again 46-45 in quarter three. At the end of this frame, Donovan “Spida” Mitchell drilled a deeeeep three pointer to barely beat the clock. Still being outscored, but a great shot nonetheless. 

Heading into the fourth quarter, the target score was set. The way they determine the target score is adding 24 points to the winning team’s current score, and the first one to reach it wins. Why 24? This rule was chosen in 2020 due to the loss of basketball legend Kobe Bryant. The target score of 170 was set, and both teams fought it out. 167-150, Portland guard Damian Lillard trotted up the court. Boom. Dame Time across the globe. Lillard drained a deep three-pointer to sweep up the game for Team LeBron. 

The Most Valuable Player in this game was Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo, finishing perfect from the field, scoring 35 points.