Class of 2021 prepares for long awaited plans

Shea Carlberg, Copy Editor

Senior year has been anything but expected for the Class of 2021; however, with vaccines being distributed and COVID-19 restrictions easing in various parts of the state and country, this class is able to look forward to memorable end-of-the-year traditions like graduation, Senior Sunset and summer plans.

As their high school careers draw to a close and seniors begin planning for the next chapter of their lives, The Wolf interviewed seniors Grace Oh, Rylie Wood and Cole Richmond to find out more about what they are looking forward to as graduation approaches. 

Q: What do you think about how graduation is looking like this year?

Grace Oh: “Although I’m a little sad we won’t get a ‘normal’ graduation, I’m glad we all get to be together in person one last time to celebrate.”

Rylie Wood: “Of course I wish it was normal, but I am really happy with what they’re trying. I think it’s cool that we’re still able to get together with our class and acknowledge one another because we were able to accomplish high school while in a pandemic.”

Cole Richmond: “I am happy that we can still have some form of graduation this year. I honestly wasn’t expecting anything really, so I am super appreciative of all the work the administration did to make graduation possible.”

Q: Are you excited for Senior Sunset?

Oh: “YES! I’ve looked forward to Senior Sunset ever since I was a freshman, and since we missed out on a lot of senior events this year, I’m super excited we have the chance to do it.”

Wood: “It’s kind of like with anything else: I’m happy that they’re trying, so yes, I’d say I’m excited.” 

Richmond: “Yes, I am super excited. A lot of traditions were put on hold this year for the seniors, so to have something that we can do as an entire class is awesome.”

Q: What are your plans for the summer of your senior year?

Oh: “Bittersweet knowing it’s my last summer before I leave and won’t get to see most of the people I grew up with again, but I just plan on enjoying every day and making memories with my friends I can take with me next year!”

Wood: “Spend as much time with my friends as possible before we all leave. I’m excited to make memories with them and just enjoy life before we all go on our various paths. I do also plan on working so I have money before college.”

Richmond: “I hope to have a fun summer hanging out with my friends and working to gain some money for college.”

Q: What are you most excited about for college next year?

Oh: “Super excited for this new chapter in my life. I can’t wait to be more independent and really just start life. Meeting new people and trying new things are probably what I’m looking forward to the most… besides being in the California sun every day.”

Wood: “Meeting so many new people and also being able to explore my major. I’m hoping that this change will help reset my motivation for school because this year I have lost so much of it. Additionally, I’m really excited to have more classes catered towards me and what I truly care about. I feel like that will also help boost my motivation. I’m really excited to explore a new state and everything it offers. That’s one of the main reasons I chose Colorado: it’s so beautiful there (and sunny so I can hopefully avoid the rain).”

Richmond: “I am excited to be back in person for school. I am heading to University of Arizona so I hope to get some sunshine outside.”

The same way the seniors have paved the path for future generations at TuHS, with resilience as a major lesson learned during a wild last half of high school, it is time for them to experience a new, very exciting adventure wherever life takes them next. Although it is sad to depart from old friends, it’s nice knowing that they have all experienced it together.