Internet Explorer has stopped working…

Ella Davis, Fold Editor

So long, Internet Explorer! Microsoft announced on May 19 that they would end support for their infamous browser on June 15, 2022.

Twitter users and Instagram meme pages quickly dusted off their Microsoft posts, and The Wolf has collected and created some of the best memes to give Internet Explorer the long-overdue sendoff it deserves!

If you are unfamiliar with the memes, they can mostly be compiled into three major categories, with the first being how painstakingly slow Internet Explorer was following a 2007 update. We’re talking frustratingly slow; 10 minutes just to open the dang thing and another 20 to get it to close after you decided to download Google Chrome or another superior browser instead. Because, let’s be real, anything is better than Internet Explorer.

The second category can be defined loosely as interface issues. Crashing tabs and an inability to load? That’s Internet Explorer for you! This batch of memes both loathes and pays tribute to how terrible it was to be a user of this simply awful tech product.

Lastly, there are the jokes about how Internet Explorer tries so hard to be taken seriously when, really, it’s only used to download other browsers. From asking to be the default browser to ultimately becoming your trusty backup, we award pity points to Internet Explorer for trying.

Memes and internet discourse aside, it is finally time to say goodbye and good riddance to Internet Explorer after 27 years of on-brand waiting.