Halloween costumes: the do’s and the don’ts


Photo courtesy of Naiya Gates.

Naiya Gates, Humor Editor

With Halloween just around the corner, people are frantically searching for last minute costume inspiration. Although times may seem desperate, remain calm and don’t settle for anything less than the best and most creative costume on the block. Don’t be shy about putting all the little kids in their place when you have a masterpiece for a costume and they look incompetent in their Pinterest superhero costumes their moms made them. In order to win all the street cred, here is a list of what to do this Halloween and what not to do. Follow this advice, and you will have a guaranteed success of a costume.

Starting off, I would love to see a duo dress up as berries and cream this fall. With one person in a berry costume and the other in a cute little cream costume, you two would really be a spectacle on the streets. I think it goes without saying that you should definitely make a Tik Tok to the classic berries and cream sound in your sweet, adorable costumes! 

I have never seen a more creative Halloween costume than when people dress up as nerds. The plaid pleated skirts and taped glasses really make a person look so very nerdy. I especially enjoy when people step up their nerd costumes with stick straight pigtails and the crooked bow ties. These simple additions add so much geeky charm to the costume. Whichever scholar originally came up with this hilarious Halloween costume deserves all my respect, as it’s just such a clever idea! After all, who doesn’t want to be a nerd?

One of my absolute favorite movies is the newly released He’s All That. The interesting and extraordinary characters make for a masterpiece of a movie that is filled with costume potential. With a whopping 31 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, it is clearly a crowd favorite. Not only did the film get a lot of publicity from the complex and compelling plot, but also because the well known Tik Tok celebrity Addison Rae played the starring role of Padgett Sawyer. If you have the guts to try and impersonate the character of Padgett Sawyer for Halloween, her unique and sophisticated style would make for a perfect costume. Those are big shoes to fill! Just make sure one hand mysteriously isn’t visible in your costume. This helps to realistically re-create that same conundrum of Addison’s missing hand that was so concerning to viewers during the dancing scene of the movie. 

One very original Halloween costume idea for friends is the angel and devil combo. I could not be more sarcastic: this costume is a disgrace to Halloween. PSA: this is a what *not* to do for your Halloween costume this fall. Somehow, every other Halloween post on Instagram is showing off some duo’s angel and devil costumes. The idea is overused and, therefore, the dreaded descriptor…basic. To be completely honest, I am not convinced that “costume” is even the accurate term, because it’s always just a cute little red or white dress or outfit, and then some dainty little halo or cute sparkly devil horns. Not a costume. As good as the pictures may turn out, the idea is lacking creativity and festivity, to say the least. 

The good news is all you need to do is take a look at this article to find plenty of other creative alternatives that will be much more impressive to the guests at your Halloween party. Good luck with the costume hunt, and may the best costume win.