Acing college admissions made easy with The Wolf’s guide                 

Amanda Fronczak, Humor Editor

The Class of 2022 has started the college admissions process, and students are feeling a plethora of emotions. Some are excited to apply to their dream schools, and others are feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, this article will give you the perfect advice for acing college admissions. 

Before even applying to a school, double check the name. Imagine you have your heart set on the sunny beaches and beautiful campus of University of Miami, but for some reason you always think it’s called Miami University. When you’re filling out the Common App, you confidently apply to Miami University and get accepted! Mid-celebration, you take a closer look at the acceptance letter and see you’ll be headed to Oxford, Ohio, instead of Miami, Florida. Heartbreaking. 

Next, you’ll fill out an application that involves writing a personal essay. This is your chance to stand out and show your character. Hit them with a story that will knock their socks off. For example, tell them about the time your mom forgot to pack your lunch in kindergarten or how you twisted your ankle in sixth grade PE. These types of stories are exactly what will set you apart from the other applicants. 

Finally, after you’ve selected the schools you are applying to and written an essay, you may need to gather letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation are a testament from others about who you really are, so make sure to ask someone who has seen your personal growth. Ask the barista at Starbucks, who has called you Jenna for the past two years even though your name is Emma, or your third grade math teacher who gave you a C on the multiplication unit.

After gathering all the parts of your application, you’ll finally be able to submit it. All you can do now is cross your fingers and refresh the admission page every hour for the next couple months.