Come Back Kids: A Spotlight on Destiny 2

Andrew Epp and Ethan Glick

The immensely popular video game Destiny 2 has gone through it all. It’s seen its fair share of ups and downs and has gained and lost players at every turn. Recently, it’s seen a boom in popularity, ranking as the third top game on Steam back in September. In this spotlight, each of us will take a look at Destiny 2 and analyze what makes it a comeback kid. In our Wolf gaming spotlights, we plan to look at games and not only briefly analyze their history, but also go over how the games play in their best modes.


Andrew Epp, Bilingual Editor

With its latest expansion, Destiny 2: Beyond Light, the developers introduced a new storyline, seasonal activities, weapon sandbox and new subclasses.  If you’ve never heard of Destiny, it’s a looter shooter MMO (Massive-Multiplayer-Online) mix that takes place in the future after the collapse of humanity. Destiny 2 has won multiple awards, including an E3 award for best PC game. This expansion single-handedly revived the player base and helped to push it to the top of the charts in September. 

Currently, Bungie, the game’s developer, is looking to the future with its newest installment in the Destiny 2 lifecycle: The Witch Queen. There is a lot to be excited about with Destiny 2. In general, it does what no other game does, combining a Halo like first person shooter with looter mechanics and a multi world experience, and it does it fairly well. I can’t say for sure what the future looks like for the game, and I  recommend that you  give it a try;  however, I am excited to get into the meat of this article. How does the game play? 

For Destiny 2, I took Ethan Glick, our resident Entertainment Editor and my friend, through one of the most challenging endgame activities in the game: a Raid  Raids aren’t the end-all-be-all of the game; trust me, there are way more activities that you can do, but for simplicity’s sake and for this installment, we took a look at one of Destiny 2’s most famous Raids: Deep Stone Crypt. 

This Raid is phenomenal. From game mechanics to visuals and even team play, this Raid is one of my favorites in the game. However, Ethan didn’t have a clue as to what was going on, so we did an experiment to see how easy it is for new players to participate in higher-end content. Now remember that Ethan was extremely inexperienced at the game, and, as any good friend would do, I had to mess around with him. So his opinion is a little biased. 


Ethan Glick, Entertainment Editor

To summarize, it sucked. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you feel like an idiot the entire time. When more complex mechanics come into play, you will fail. If your friend does not write a five-paragraph essay on what you need to do, you will fail. If you do not bring the correct weapons, you will fail. If you forget that you’re muted, you will fail. All of this, for a horrifyingly awful sword. This Raid was an hour and a half of agonizing torture. But hey, I got a cool shirt, so I’ll do it again. Bungie, you conniving monster of a company, you have trapped me. Do not make the same mistake I have. It’s as if a piece of my soul was ripped from my body and used as food for some Bungie dev’s dog.



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