The Wolf staff suggests gifts for people you don’t like

The Wolf Staff

With the winter holidays coming up, we all need to find gifts for people we wish we didn’t have anything to do with. Fortunately, The Wolf staff’s got you covered; here are the perfect gifts for the menaces in your life that you just don’t like.



“A Costco-sized pack of Eos lip balms… impractical in size and will stick around forever.” 

– Lily Bennett, Entertainment Editor


“I think that giving someone a used gift card is a good way to let them know you don’t care for them.”

– Stella Fetherston, Editor-in-Chief


“Single-ply toilet paper.”

– Simon Phipps, Staff Writer


“I would get my arch nemesis a box of vanilla cake mix. It’s the perfect insulting gift because they have to work to get anything out of it, they could’ve bought their own if they actually wanted to cook, and it implies they need training wheels with their cooking.”

– Ryan Ehrhart, Opinion Editor


“Nature Valley granola bars because they’re messy.”

 – Cyrah Carlson, Asst. Fold Editor


“You can always default to the basic candle and candy for the people you feel obligated to get a gift for.”

– Victoria Gillard, Staff Writer


“Coal, a self-help book, a regifted gift or sugar-free gummy bears.”

– Karys Gates, Staff Writer


“I would give my worst enemy a tin of cookies with the Declaration of Independence hidden in its secret compartment. After a report to the president, it’s life imprisonment for them and lifelong peace for me!”

– Katherine Kang, Staff Writer


“A gift idea that I don’t like is money. Yeah, it’s nice to get money, but I feel that it’s just a lazy gift and doesn’t have the same feeling as getting a gift that’s more personal.”

– Cristian Hernandez, Staff Writer