Take On Winter Months By Planning

Karys Gates, Staff Writer

I feel like most of us can agree that the winter months, especially after the holiday season, are very gloomy and depressing. It’s usually a torrential downpour, crazy wind storms and just very unpleasant weather. Not only that, but there are very few breaks from school. Having to transition from “No-School November” to a string of full weeks of school is just overwhelming and defeating. On top of that, winter is the season when colds, flus and other viruses like COVID are spreading like wildfire. So, I’m here to give you several tips and tricks to improve your mental health and help you get through the winter.

  • Find a new show to binge  

Lately, several new shows have been released. First off, the second season of Euphoria, which dives into the drama-filled lives of high schoolers. Also, I can verify the Hype House show, a reality show that follows several of TikTok’s biggest stars, is worth your time. It’s a personal favorite. Both of these shows can preoccupy your mind and stop you from thinking about and getting caught up in all the depressing feelings of winter.

  • Find a hobby that you enjoy to distract yourself

Finding a fun hobby that you really enjoy doing could boost your mood and distract you from the horrible weather and the anxiety that comes with school. Personally, I really like to go thrifting. This brings me a lot of joy and helps me be creative by finding unique clothing pieces. Also, most thrift stores are inside, so it’s a way for me to escape the rain and wind. 

  • Schedule something to look forward to

Although these winter months might seem daunting when you’re in the midst of them, having or scheduling something that you can look forward to can significantly help. Making plans with your friends, trying a new restaurant, going to a concert or even just taking a little road trip. These can all be fun activities you might be able to plan ahead of time. Of course, these should all be done safely and according to COVID guidelines.


I know that being a student, especially during the winter, can feel very defeating and gloomy, but remember it will get better soon. Keep pushing through, and we hope you can take these tips into account to better your mood and mental state this winter.