Finals tips to use this semester

With finals coming up, it can be very overwhelming to think about how you want to get ready. Half of the school, meaning the underclassmen, have never even taken finals in high school, and the upperclassmen took their most recent finals almost exactly two years ago. We are all in the same boat of feeling overwhelmed about finals, and since we’re all a little rusty, here are some tips to help you during the whole finals process:


Week before:

    • Start studying early – Begin organizing your notes and digging up past tests and homework.
    • Stay fueled – Keep hydrated and eat healthy during this period. Having water/healthy drinks and snacks nearby while studying will also prevent you from stepping away and getting distracted.
    • Take breaks – Studying for more than an hour straight without a break will result in you becoming fatigued and not actually learning anything. A 5-10 minute walk outside is a great way to clear your mind.
    • Listen to music – Classical music or music without lyrics is a great background noise to listen to when you study.
    • Study groups – Studying with friends can make the experience more fun and help fill in the gaps you have in your knowledge.
    • Stay after class – Asking your teachers questions is a great way to answer any doubts you have.
  • Sleep well – Make sure to get plenty of sleep and avoid cramming through all-nighters, especially the night before testing!


Day of:

  • Eat – Start your day right with a healthy and filling breakfast. Remember to also bring lunch and plenty of snacks.
  • Get ready – Check that you have pencils, a calculator and any other test necessities. Water and gum would also be nice extras to bring.
  • Bathroom break – Remember to visit the bathroom if needed before the test begins.
  • Pace yourself – Be mindful of the time limit, but don’t rush too carelessly either. Skip questions that you’re stuck on for more than 5 minutes and come back to them at the end if there’s time.
  • Double check – If you finish early, double check answers starting with the ones you’re unsure of and then move on to the rest.
  • Relax – Use breaks and passing time to relax before moving to the next test.



    • Congratulations! – You’ve survived finals week 😀
    • Do something fun – Go out with friends to get something good to eat/drink and celebrate.
    • Reflect – Think about your performance on the tests and work on improving your negatives. However, don’t waste time stressing on how well you did—it’s all in the past now.
  • Start the new semester fresh – Are you ready to do it all over again?