Sing 2 steals hearts

Amanda Fronczak, Co-Humor Editor

When reflecting on the cinematic masterpiece that is Sing 2, no words came to my mind. This movie left me SPEECHLESS. From the immaculate soundtrack to the wild plot twists, Sing 2 was a pleasure from beginning to end. 

 Beyond the star-studded cast and adorable animations, this film delivers a complex storyline that is jam-packed and exciting. Any English teacher would be in awe of the surplus of themes you could pull from this hour and 50 minute phenomenon. Buster Moon and his crew handled sexism, overcame obstacles through perseverance and faced their fears, standing up for themselves and each other. There was character development as antagonists transformed into protagonists, and the characters beautifully complemented each other. As each word is carefully chosen when writing poetry, each character was artfully selected to provoke a variety of emotions. For instance, Ms. Crawley left my stomach aching from laughter with her shenanigans, while Rosita and Jonny kept me on the edge of my seat as they dealt with adversity. 

There was also a delicate balance between referencing the first movie and adding new characters while developing another storyline. At first, I was apprehensive about seeing Sing 2 because I couldn’t remember much about the original movie. What if I sat there for two hours in a fog of my own confusion? Thankfully, my fears were not a reality, and the second movie did a brilliant job of separating itself from the OG, while still incorporating elements and jokes from Sing

If this article was not convincing enough and you’re still pondering whether to see Sing 2, the answer is clear: YES! This is one life decision you won’t regret, as my only complaint about this movie was that it wasn’t longer!