HOSA club members participate in state competition

Isabella Kneeshaw, Co-Feature Editor

Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) at Tualatin High School took their medical career knowledge to new heights while competing at their state-level competition a few weeks ago. From HOSA Bowl, a form of medical jeopardy, to physical therapy events, the State Leadership Conference provides students with opportunities to work their way up in the competition through a variety of formats. 

To get more insight about their state competition and the club as a whole, The Wolf interviewed junior Elena Stripling, president-elect of the club, as well as sophomore Nathan Ruybalid, who is HOSA’s events coordinator. 

“For my event, Nursing Assisting, I had to take a written exam to qualify for my in-person skills test,” Stripling said. “I scored well enough to proceed to round two, so a month or so later I performed skills for my event in front of a judge. My scores from round one and two were combined and compared with other competitors to determine my final score and placement.” 

This group of HOSA members hadn’t been to an in-person competition in the last couple years due to COVID, so the competition came with both excitement and nerves.

“I competed in Medical Law & Ethics, CPR/First-Aid and HOSA Bowl. Honestly, it was very stressful,” Ruybalid said. “As rewarding as it was, I was freaking out before my tests and competitive events.”

Approximately 12 of the club’s competitors scored in the top three of their event, meaning they’ll have the opportunity to compete at HOSA’s International Leadership Conference in June. 

            Stripling and Ruybalid both agree that, while the club takes a level of dedication, it is a phenomenal group to be a part of. If you are currently enrolled in or plan to take Medical Career Exploration courses at Tualatin, the club would be a perfect fit.

“HOSA has something for anyone as long as you have even the smallest interest in the medical field,” Stripling said. “I love the group of people that HOSA attracts because we are all so different and unique but work together to create something great: a safe environment where our future health professionals can learn and grow with tons of cool opportunities available along the way.” 

It’s clear HOSA has what anyone needs to begin equipping themselves for a variety of future medical careers, and there’s nothing to lose by joining.

“There are so many opportunities to learn and widen your horizons, and I would totally recommend HOSA to everyone!” Ruybalid said. “I think it is very important to explore different topics and careers to better understand what you want to do in life.” 

If the medical path interests you, HOSA might be the perfect fit to explore your future aspirations. As members look forward to The International Leadership Conference the club can use support through donations and/or event attendance.