A Seniors opinion on long-awaited Prom

Cristian Hernandez, Staff Writer

After the cancellation of Winter Formal, followed by the recent announcement that Prom will actually happen this spring, students are excited to be actually able to go to a dance again. This year’s Prom will be hosted on the east side of Portland at the Redd On Salmon on Apr. 30.

The Wolf asked senior Jeylee Ayala, who is attending Prom, some questions about the plans for the night. 


What do you plan on doing before prom? 

“Me and my group of friends are wanting to go out to take some pictures in downtown Portland, most likely around the Waterfront and the park, or anywhere nearby that seems interesting. Then most likely going out to eat after.”


How do you feel about the frequent rescheduling of the dances in the past months?

It’s a little frustrating, but at the same time I understand why they get rescheduled; it’s better safe than sorry. Overall, I’m just really excited me and my class are going to be able to have a prom this year – it just is a little far, being on the east side of Portland.”


Do you have a specific outfit you have planned out?

I’m planning on wearing a blue dress. I just haven’t fully decided on what shoes or makeup I want to go with. I’ll most likely pick black shoes with some simple makeup.”


Do you have anything else planned for after Prom? 

My friends and I will most likely decide last minute. I feel like a lot of people do the same, but  we always do something after dances. I hope we go out downtown for more pictures at night and maybe even something to eat again.”