Warm weather activities tempt students outside

Karys Gates, Staff Writer

It’s officially spring! It’s that time of year again, when the rain starts becoming less frequent and the sun finally starts making its long awaited debut. Along with the warm weather come so many fun activities that can be done outside without being absolutely chilled to the bone or sopping wet within five minutes. The Wolf interviewed several TuHS students to see what their favorite warm weather activities were. 


Ella Plahn, sophomore: “When the weather is nice, I like to go swimming.”


Andrew Gerlach, freshman:Personally, my favorite warm weather activity is to go to a lake or clean body of water with friends. Not only is the water refreshing, but it’s fun to mess around in the water and swim.”


Aaron Lakeman, junior: “I would probably say to go run or golf with my friends!”


Amity Humphrey, sophomore: “My favorite warm weather activity is hammocking.”


Talia Anderson, sophomore: “Have a picnic because it’s the perfect weather to get together with some friends and enjoy a lunch!”


Charlie Peterson, senior: “To go on a bike ride!”


Reid Dobash, sophomore: “My favorite warm weather activity is to play baseball.”


Marc Khanna, freshman: “I like to go to an outdoor pool in warm weather. Swimming is 

something that I like to do usually in the summer.”


Kate Stamey, sophomore: “I like to go hiking or walking around in nature.”


Cole Noretto, senior: “I like to go swimming in the pool with friends!”


 Emma Nolop, sophomore: “I like to watch the sunset with my friends!”


The list of enjoyable spring activities is endless. My personal favorite is definitely finding a fun-yet-adventurous hike that has a viewpoint or waterfall along the way. 

If you need a list of several good options, take a look at Mahathi Sridhar’s “Hiking Guide” article. Keep in mind or make a bucket list of these warm weather activities you want to do this spring and summer. Take advantage of this warm weather, try something new, soak up some vitamin D and just remember we’re in the final stretch of the school year!