Paint the perfect prom picture with this playlist


Graphic by Isabella Kneeshaw

Lucy Lyons, Staff Writer

Spring is here, and with it come floor-length formal gowns and tuxedos. The time-honored tradition of a high school prom is surrounded by nervous anticipation and excited planning. On the list of important factors for a perfect night is the ultimate prom playlist. After compiling a list of songs and including requests from TuHS students, any perfect playlist will include these songs. 


  1. “Hotel Room Service” – Pitbull

The second this song comes on, people will be jumping out of their seats. This iconic tune is impossible not to dance to. Pitbull is known for his perfect party songs, and this has to be a favorite.  


  1. “Forever Young” – Alphaville

You’re watching your favorite ‘90s movie when an iconic school dance scene begins, and what song comes on? “Forever Young,” of course. This one makes the list as the perfect song to slow dance to while the lyrics remind you how awesome it is to be young.


  1. “You Belong With me” – Taylor Swift

Every prom needs a song you can absolutely scream your heart out to.  


  1. “Starships” – Nicki Minaj

“Let’s go to the beach, beach.” Now it’s stuck in your head. This is another song guaranteed to increase the endorphin levels of the whole dance floor.


  1. “Classic” – MKTO

An upbeat pop song even the chaperones can approve of. Maybe your date will pick you up in a Cadillac, like a gentleman, bringing glamor back. Or maybe not, but you can sing about it.


  1. “Memories” – Maroon 5

Prom is the end of the road for our seniors. It’s one of the last events they’ll celebrate together. This song perfectly encapsulates that bittersweet feeling of remembering all that they’ve been through while looking ahead to their futures.